Standing Room Only


This morning.

St Joseph’s Church, Glasthule, County Dublin.

Hundreds of people have attended the funeral in Dublin of an Irish man who died in England without any known family.

Joseph Tuohy, who was originally from Co Tipperary, died on 11 July aged 83 in London.

His friend of many years Brian Boylan, whom he met in the 1970s in London in a homeless hostel, and local parishioner Margaret Browne, founder of Friends of the Forgotten Irish, led the mourners.

A lone piper led people into St Joseph’s Church in Glasthule, Co Dublin.

Inside the church there was standing room only at the Requiem Mass.

Hundreds pay respect to Irish man who died in London (RTÉ)

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Pic: Tim Ryan

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8 thoughts on “Standing Room Only

    1. freddy

      The big thing is that for decades the poor wretches who were victims of Ireland system fled to the UK many ended up digging roads
      Uneducated abused abandoned by the tens of thousands many ended up alcoholics due to the horror they endured
      Many died on the streets

      The UK took them in and this crime our state committed will haunt us forever as for Vatican Inc
      Ireland Inc allowed it to thrive as state colluded with church and educated the children to continue Ireland Vatican Inca

      A shameful chapter we Irish would love swept under the carpet

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