Behold: the Scania AXL – the Swedish manufacturer’s concept for an autonomous dump truck. 

An actual prototype rather than a render, the AXL’s cabless chassis is driven by a biodiesel engine, using seven cameras, multiple radars, and a laser to navigate its environment.

Quarrries and gravel pits  – being remote and largely free of pesky humans – might well be the first place autonomous vehicles start full time work.

Related: the Volvo Vera and the GM Surus.


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12 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Clampers Outside

    What’s the transaxle on that thing like, as you wouldn’t want to end up grinding metal after a hard knock.


  2. eoin

    Fantastic, next nutjob from Achill who wants to protest against the government won’t actually have to drive a lorry into the gates at Govt Buildings, he can do it by remote control, far more civilised.

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