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Behold: the Ford F-Vision concept – a prototype take on the future of electric semi-trucks unveiled at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany this month.

In ‘self-drive’ mode, the wraparound windscreen blends back into the streamlined bodywork – a feature, claims Ford, inspired by the ‘adaptive  abilities of Marvel superheroes’, thereby earning itself an atomic wedgie.


Mark Malone tweetz:

#8thref metaphor on the North Quays. A crass fundamentalist theocratic  hot mess gets towed away. Displays of lies, dishonesty & policies rooted in mysogyny have no place on our streets or on bodies. Get as many out and vote #Together4Yes  and let’s tow in a new future.

Flee in terror from the Hennessey Velociraptor 6×6  – a 600bhp, twin-turbo, V6, six wheel drive version of the already monolithic Ford F150 Raptor truck.

Nippy around town, good in a tight spot, turns on a dime.

None of these things.


Spotted yesterday.

In Kilkenny.


Thanks Mary

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The Mercedes Benz X Class concept – a luxurious V6, 4 wheel drive pickup truck scheduled for launch next year and probably not destined for much in the way of farm duties.