Status Update


This morning.

Met Éireann has issued two wind warnings and one rain warning for tomorrow ahead of Storm Lorenzo.

The first Status Yellow wind warning concerns the whole of Ireland and will take effect from 9am tomorrow until 6am on Friday.

Winds of 50kph to 65kph, and gusts of up to 100kph, are expected.

A second Status Orange wind warning concerning Galway, Mayo, Clare, Cork, Kerry and Limerick will also take effect from 6pm tomorrow until 3am on Friday.

Winds of 65kph to 80kph, and gusts of up to 130kph, are expected.

The third weather warning is a Status Yellow rain warning and it concerns the whole of Ireland, taking effect from 9am tomorrow until 9am on Friday.

Met Éireann

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Ain’t that the truth.

Top pic: Carlow Weather

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11 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. BIlbo

    Who’s Matt Harrison? Why should I care about his tweets?

    Anyway – Matt Harrison, I didn’t realise this was a phenomenon that was in any way a mystery –
    When it rains, more people get in their cars. When it doesn’t rain, they don’t
    Earth shattering revelation

  2. class wario

    I got a bus along a similar route today and it was packed to the rafters and traffic was backed up for ages, Matt is talking poo

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    The best way to stay safe is to get out of the country. 30 degrees and sunny in Alicante, lads!

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