Do You Want Lies With That?


From left: Galway football team captain Damian Comer, Supermac’s MD Pat McDonagh and Galway hurling team captain David Burke at the announcement of Supermac’s and Galway GAA’s 5 year sponsorship deal at Lough Rea Hotel and Spa, County Galway last year

Via RTÉ:

Last night, the fast food chain released a statement outlining the scale of their investment since 2015 and demanding to know details of how this money was spent.

The finances of Galway GAA were subject to two reviews in late 2018, one conducted by Galway GAA itself and another by accounting firm Mazars.

The use of an official credit card for personal expenses, officer expenses of €45,000 and a debt of €390,000 to Croke Park for All-Ireland final tickets were among the revelations.

A 103-acre site in Athenry that was bought in 2006 for €2.8m and earmarked for a centre of excellence was sold at a loss of almost €2m last year.

McIntyre: Supermac’s statement is ‘huge intervention (RTÉ)

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Pic:: Hany Marzouk

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15 thoughts on “Do You Want Lies With That?

  1. Mr.Fart

    show me one company/body etc. in Ireland that has no corruption. we are such a nation of hoodwinkers. who in their right mind would trust the irish? from top to bottom this country is run on skullduggery.

  2. eoin

    Fupp, if Pat “planning letters” McDonagh is calling out the GAA for probity and governance concerns, then there’s a problem.

    But we knew that right? We know the senior management of the GAA refuse to reveal their remuneration, merely saying their pay has been benchmarked against similar unnamed organisations [FIFA, FAI? who knows] and the GAA is hiding behind a questionable interpretation of accounting standards to keep that info hidden.

    Surely it’s obvious to everyone in this country how dodgy the GAA is? It depends on the blood, sweat and tears of sporting heros who, apart from the Golden Few who get sponsorship, give their best sporting years to an organisation stuffed with fat fupps who get to pervert a market for a popular sport because it’s “amateur”

    1. Optimus Grime

      Have to agree with you there on the GAA. Given the question marks over Galway’s finances and especially the incident with the training ground I would say a light needs to be shone on the books.

  3. dav

    Genuine question – is there some form of tax break available with donations to the GAA?
    I recall they were a registered charity 20years ago..

    1. Harry M

      My understanding is that most/all sports clubs are set up as charities. Charities is defined in legislation, and one of the criteria is that the sole purpose of the enterprise is the public good (may even explicitly mention the provision of sport).

      If you were to set up a cricket/soccer/GAA/sumo club for your road you would do so as a charity. And the advantage of this is tax exemption.

      It highlights the need for a strong charities regulator. Ours has become stronger in recent years but needs to grow further, and to be given powers of enforcement and on-site supervision staff.

      If there is on e thing that history has taught us, is that everyone needs a watchdog (banks, big tech, pharma). Even you dav.

  4. Tea And Brexits

    SuperMacs? The bogger chipper? Perfect bedfellow for the GAA . . .

    Brolly Spicebag anyone?

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