Meanwhile, In Galway


Galway City Council tweetz:

The Defence Forces have turned 130 tonnes of sand into 10,000 sandbags which are being deployed as part of a total of almost 20,000 sandbags from three locations in the city.

-Claddagh Hall

-The entrance to Mutton Island Treatment Centre

– By the Aquariam in Salthill


Storm Lorenzo beginning to bear down on south coast (RTE)

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6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Galway

  1. Clampers Outside

    Taking bets, taking bets…. there is always some silly with car parked in the main promenade car park that is nearly always flooded during these storms…. bets there’s one, bet for two?

    *spits in the hand*

    Anyone? :)

  2. DOC

    It’s OK Folks
    Teresa Mannion is on the case
    Another Youtube classic in the next 48 hours
    Stay Tuned

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