‘Between €1.20 And €1.60 Extra To Fill Your Car’


This afternoon.

On RTÉ’s News At One

RTÉ Online’s Motoring Editor Donal Byrne told broadcaster Áine Lawlor that motorists can expect a “double whammy” in next week’s budget in terms of the carbon tax.

He said it’s likely the Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe will announce tax increases on new diesel and petrol-run cars.

And he said a €6 per tonne carbon tax increase is also on the cards.

Ireland’s carbon tax – which hasn’t been increased since 2014 – currently stands at €20 per tonne.

Mr Byrne explained:

“When you go to fill your car at the pumps, it’s going to cost you somewhere between €1.20 and €1.60 extra to fill your car.”

But you get to save the world from imminent EXTINCTION.

Which is nice.

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Catherine Murphy


Social Democrats co-leader Catherine Murphy asked Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe  for the following:

‘The amount collected to date in carbon tax; the methods of dispersing the revenue generated from the tax; the purposes for which the revenue collected from the tax has been used for the past five years; and if he will make a statement on the matter?”

In a written answer, Minister Donohoe responded:

‘The total annual net receipts from carbon tax are set out in the following table:

Total Net Receipts:

2010; €223,084,537

2011: €298,231,058

2012: €353,954,210

2013: €388,376,990

2014: €385,361,885

2015: €418,996,237

2016: €430,247,558

2017: €419,603,362

2018: €431,131,923

Total: 3,348,987,760

Carbon tax receipts to end August 2019 were approximately €281,800,000, some €20 million (6.8%) behind forecast. To date the revenue from carbon tax has been remitted to the central fund and therefore used to fund public services.’

Carbon Tax Yield (Oireachtas,ie)

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8 thoughts on “‘Between €1.20 And €1.60 Extra To Fill Your Car’

  1. curmudgeon

    Kudos to Ctherine Murphy for pointing out that carbon tax is “just another tax” (JAT) heaped into the central pot.
    There is no ring fenced “environment” budget or some such. Its JAT that is needed to keeep the public sector in pay rises,pensions and cost overruns because “official Ireland” will not spend within its limits, and our 200B national debt will start to really hurt everyone elses reliance on state services when Brexit lowers the tax take.

  2. Truth in the News

    Carbon Tax is a scam like the PSO levy on the Electricity Bill’s lets get rid of those
    who are responsible for such scams

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