Free The Cycle Lanes!


This morning.

In Copenhagen, Denmark.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen go for a cycle during a ‘working lunch’.

Mr Varadkar is in the middle of a two-day trip to Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen for talks with his Swedish and Danish counterparts.

It’s not a caption competition…unless you insist.

Pics: Jennifer Bray


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24 thoughts on “Free The Cycle Lanes!

    1. missred

      He might not be much of a cyclist, but he does keep fit. Imagine Brian Cowen trying to balance himself on one of those

  1. Mr.Fart

    why is he meeting Nordic leaders? They’re politics are completely opposite to his. what are they talking about? are they talking of how their country works well for everyone, and is proof socialism is the best way to govern people, to which varadkar replies “ireland is a business. homelessness is a byproduct. people aren’t important. private markets rule.” end of meeting. he’s not going to take tips from them, and vica versa. this is just him going on little trips. i hate him.

  2. eoin

    I blame Ronald Regan for getting on that bloody horse with Queen Elizabeth, that was the start of it, wasn’t it.

  3. White Dove

    I thought the point of having a President was so we had a figurehead to do official visits.

    Doesn’t Leo know that all world leaders do their business over the phone or online these days? Can he not just send a representative?

    Oh, sorry, I forgot that Leo’s main interest and activity is global rather than national. So of course he has to be there in person.

    But how on earth can anyone do the job of running the country if they are permanently fapping around at photo opportunities and/or providing unsolicited advice to neighbouring countries as to how they should be managed?

    1. Cian

      Doesn’t Leo know that all world leaders do their business over the phone or online these days?
      really? then why was Boris Johnson touring Europe the last few weeks cruising for a deal?

    2. george

      You will find that officials do business by email and ministers and leaders do their business in face to face meetings.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    Isn’t it grand for him, 2 months summer holidays, Ploughing festival, new Knock Airport runway opening, NY City trip and now Denmark, all in the first 3 weeks of new Dail term – no issues at home to deal with so he may as well

    1. Cian

      Do you realise that while the Dáil may be on holidays, the government still works?

      Hell, look at “De Papers” on BS for any day over the holidays and I’m sure you’d see a frontpage when at least one minister is working.

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    He should be on the eScooters – they’re enormous fun and a serious form of transport. And legal there…

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