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    1. some old queen

      Yup well there is a view that if you don’t don’t drink and don’t smoke you don’t live longer- it just feels like it.

    1. martco

      mind that’d never happen at Holyhead though….just too cold, windy, miserable, horrible…kiphole of a place

    2. Cian

      We shall bang on the beaches,
      we shall screw on the landing grounds,
      we shall go dogging in the fields and in the streets,
      we shall copulate in the hills; we shall never surrender!

  1. eoin

    Still no sign of the asylum application numbers in the month of August 2019.


    Charlie Flanagan asleep at the wheel again. No surprise there.

    However, the Irish Mail on Sunday yesterday was able to report yesterday that, to the end of August 2019, there have been 685 applications from Albanians. That’s 112 more than to the end of July 2019. It means 3-4 Albanians are arriving in Ireland EVERY SINGLE DAY claiming asylum. Because direct provision centres are full, these people are likely to be housed in hotels at a cost of around €100 a day per person. Charlie Flanagan has a target of holding an interview with asylum seekers “within 10 months ” and there is a target of giving a decision “within two months” of the interview.

    So, those 112 Albanians who arrived in August will cost us, typically, €4m (112*€100*365 days)

    And there will be other costs on top, not least legal and deportation costs.

    We are being robbed blind by people smugglers and the scale of the robbing suggests to me there is connivance on the part of officialdom.

    1. some old queen

      It is something I have wondered- how are these people getting here?

      If the authorities can’t stop people being smuggled in then it doesn’t say much for the customs- I can’t remember reading of hearing of any being caught- ever.

      1. postmanpat

        You don’t have to be smuggled. You can get a commercial flight , go to the man at the desk in Dublin airport and say you want asylum. The pre-informed legal team is there waiting and making sure the airport personnel comply. Before you know it your sharing a taxi back to Dublin with your pro-bono (they tot up the taxi journeys gouge the tax payer later on for expenses) legal team. It’s the same when you get advance warning about being deported. The legal tam is waiting at the airport with paperwork and five minutes later your in a taxi heading back to town.

        1. some old queen

          Tnx- I know very little about this subject. Is that the way most asylum seekers arrive here then?

          I would assume there are some international rules (UN?) which government have to comply with or does the acceptance system vary from country to country?

          I know that Australia for example is quite harsh on this sort of thing. I am also wondering about why there is so many trying to hitch a lift at Calais into UK if they could not just jump onto a plane?

        2. eoin

          That must be rubbish, otherwise solicitor Wendy Lyon would surely have referred to this sort of law industry carry-on in her Irish Times explainer last week.

  2. eoin

    “Far-right activists are exploiting concerns about the safety of women and children to target … ethnic minorities, an official [unpublished, exclusively seen by the newspaper] report has found.” Even though the vast majority of sexual crime is perpetrated by white people,

    reports the London Independent.

    And 3,2,1…….

  3. eoin

    I’d be careful about buying anything at House of Fraser in the Dundrum Town Centre.

    According to the Telegraph yesterday, the man behind Sports Direct, Mike Ashley is looking at closing the remaining HoF stores down over the next three months. What that means for gift cards and returns of items is unclear. If a new buyer isn’t found, you could find yourself out of pocket.

    1. Clampers Outside

      He also bought Heatons…. and is turning the stores into a TK Max-lite, called ‘Brand Max’. My local one’s not bad. I must admit I love bargain basement shops :)

    2. martco

      gift cards are such a load of boo boo & nonsense
      if u can’t decide what to buy someone just give them CASH

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Red Arsys talkie talkie show – D4bes replacing him. Sisters are doing it for themselves. Five darlings in the running. Would it be considered discrimination that there are no men being considered for it?

    1. eoin

      Was about to suggest wimmin’ are far cheaper to employ at RTE, but the 2018 annual report shows the gender pay gap in RTE is 4%, so we wouldn’t be saving much on the €450,000 Ray Darcy.

      1. Clampers Outside

        I just cannot watch him on the tele… he looks ill all the time.
        Don’t get me started on the lanky fella.
        Both should be confined to radio.

      2. V

        So you reckon the successful candidate will be paid €432,000 pa then E?

        Any idea who the five on the shortlist are lads

  5. eoin

    Six days since FF TD Barry Cowen asked Paschal Donohue in the Dail “The Minister [Paschal Donohue] may answer that question [Has the Minister any estimate of the costs which will accrue to the State in the event of it not proceeding to sign the contract or is there a penalty built in?] in writing tomorrow and answer my question on the obligations of the State in respect of penalties now.”

    In response to that, Paschal said ” I am happy to give the Deputy Cowen an answer now. I was apologising to him because the question on legal penalties had not been answered and I thought it had been answered. I will make sure he receives information tomorrow [Wednesday 2 October]”

    What’s the answer Paschal? How much will we have to pay Denis O’ Brien if we don’t proceed with the €5 (five) billion National Broadband Plan?

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