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    1. Cú Chulainn

      It’s brilliant. It’s a wonder any Star readers are left; what with the killer chips, seagulls, badgers and now having to face down being battered for 100 days by crazy storms. They need all the help they can get.!!

    2. eoin

      Love to see Carlow Weather’s commentary on that. The Star is claiming to be able to tell the weather, not for 100 hours but for 100 days. And also, 100 mph (160 kmph) winds? It’s total rubbish of course, but there’s a nice pic of an hourglassed celeb there and there’s the footie coverage in the back. It knows its market, it’s not aimed at Mensa.

  1. some old queen

    Does Johnson even know what he is doing? On one hand by issuing sabotage threats he is accepting that an extension is inevitable while on the other, saying that they will definitely leave at month end.

    It’s the HP who are demanding an extension not the EU- a strange game to play.

  2. Anna Matthews

    I really don’t understand why the Irish Mail on Sunday persist with British content on their front pages. This morning they have (yet again) a photo of Meghan Markle. At the top they have Mary Berry. I have nothing against Mary Berry but why do they constantly use British contributors. Could they not support Irish people e.g. Neven Maguire. I stopped buying the Mail a while back for this reason and many people I know have done the same. It’s hard to follow what they are at, is it their London bosses calling the shots here.Irish people aren’t stupid and when they buy a so called Irish paper they expect most of it to be Irish content, not just a copy of the British Mail on Sunday. Looks like London want to put as little resources into Ireland yet maximise profits. I don’t think that works.

    1. Lilly

      You’ve answered your own question: money. It costs money to produce copy. They must be getting away with the rehash, for now at least.

      1. eoin

        + 51,000

        And unless and until the “Irish” Mail on Sunday drops to around 30,000, you can expect there will still be an “Irish” edition. It’s essentially 51,000 of extra circulation, ad income, sales with very little local effort.

        BTW, had the Mail editor Sebastian Hamilton got his Irish citizenship yet or did his criminal conviction for contempt in the Ana Kriegel trial put the kibosh on all of that?

        1. Pol O'Conchuir

          Saw him a couple of times on TV. He’s exactly what you would expect to see from someone who works for the English Daily Mail. And he is an editor of an Irish paper? They have a terrible history here of doing anything to get some extra sales. Their “Irish” edition is becoming more and more like the “Irish” Star on Sunday.

          1. Lilly

            The editor of the British Mail on Sunday being sued by Meghan, Ted Verity, used to work in Dublin. He generated a bit of gossip at the time by running off with the paper’s gossip columnist.

    2. Tommy Bohan

      I’m not a total fan of the Sunday Independent but at least you get Irish news with them! Look at their top of front page stories – Vogue Williams, Kathleen Watkins, Mick McCarthy, Rachel Allen and a rugby slot. Meanwhile the Mail have Mary Berry and Meghan Markle. That’s the same story as the UK version I saw last night on paper preview on Sky News! That says it all. Their sales have collapsed not like the price they charge!! €3 is an insult to Irish people to buy it. It must be at least 75% a straight copy of UK paper. But they know best!

      1. Anna Matthews

        No not necessarily Neven, could be Rachel Allen, could be Donal Skehan. There are many fine Irish food writers. Why do the Mail constantly have to use British ones? Same for everything they feature e.g. Monty Don for gardening, why not use Gerry Daly, Diarmuid Gavin etc. Could go on at length with examples. It’s very obviously a case of get as much out of the Irish by putting as little resources into it. Their sales in last 2/3 years reflect what the Irish newspaper buying people think of that!

        1. V

          Totally agree with the premise of your point

          But sorry Anna, I cannot get on board with the circle of replacements you presented above

          With the expectation perhaps of Gerry Daly
          The rest are mainstream over indulged lovies with zero credibility or independence

          1. Anna Matthews

            I would tend to agree with a lot of that. Gerry Daly has no ego compared to Diarmaid Gavin and some of the others, but I suppose they others do make “better” viewing on TV. Either way I’d rather read from Irish contributors rather than ones from other countries. Let’s support our own!!!

    3. Spaghetti Hoop

      +1. However, I look at it the other way; why do British tabloids have an Irish version in the first place? Is its Irish readership genuinely looking for celeb gossip, racing fixtures and boobies?

      1. V

        Because the Irish Titles, the old traditional ones, are absolutely sh__

        So they see a customer base, not a million miles off their own, English speaking with the same appetite for sport, fashion, gossip, business news, current affairs, sitting there that’ll pay for sh__
        And they want a cut of it
        So they’re all competing with the same offering
        Sh__ with Sh__

        Shur’ why wouldn’t they?

  3. some old queen

    A story about to break is of a town I know quite well- Carrickmacross in Co Monaghan. It was an average country town until it received a wave of eastern Europeans and then, a sizeable number of asylum seekers. Now rumour is that it is about to receive another batch of asylum seekers- I say rumour because even the council don’t seem to know. To be crystal clear- there is no far right involvement in this case, SF will sure of that- but, good money is being made by those providing accommodation.

    Things have come to a head recently because a young girl was sexually assaulted but tensions were building beforehand. People, especially women and girls, are afraid to walk the streets because large groups of men are standing around with nothing to do- some by the sounds of it, having cultural issues to address. Nearly 1500 have now signed a petition asking- ‘Do you Feel Intimidated Walking Around Carrickmacross’ which is a pretty good indication of the current mood.

    No doubt the usual suspects will be screaming racism once this is picked up by mainstream but I seriously question the motives of those who attempt to silence immigration debates with such slurs. Keep calling people racist and they will get to the point where they won’t care- because it becomes meaningless. It is dismissive and lazy and will drive people right into the arms of what they are being accused of.

    Throwing large numbers of people into rural locations with no support services is just plain wrong- end of. This is a debate which needs to happen and it needs to happen now- before someone comes along and capitalises on the growing resentment. It has happened elsewhere and if nothing is done, it will happen here- and when it does, Dublin centric snobbery and pearl clutching by those who know it will never affect them- will be no excuse.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      I like the Danish model where people are helped to assimilate, given classes on local culture and attitudes to women that may differ. Small groups are spread across the country with free language lessons and community involvement.
      The Irish lack of planning for everything leads to inevitable disaster.
      I have seen both good and bad examples of integration in France and what makes the difference is education and jobs.

      1. some old queen

        I think this story is interesting for a number of reasons- firstly it is not about the setup of a provision center but the downside of actually having one and, that Carrick has welcomed refugees without issue for years long before most other places, so their credentials are strong. .

        The core problem is the same as for the rest of the country- not enough homes. In NI such people are placed in social housing all over the country and despite being some parts being less immigrant friendly, it doesn’t have the same community issues as DP.

        1. RuilleBuille

          Like the housing crisis this problem is caused by the FG/FF/Lab doctrinal adherence to privatising everything for profit.

        2. Kdoc

          That’s a very balanced piece of writing from Ó Caoláin. A wide-ranging discussion on the issue – without interference from the Far-Right – is justified.
          I don’t think that former British squaddie, Croft, would receive a warm welcome from the good citizens of Carrickmacross. Like you, I would like a ringside seat if he showed up.

  4. eoin

    Remember that time, two weeks ago, when the Sunday papers tempted you to buy a copy with the headline, one of the gang in the assault on Quinn employee, Kevin Lunney, had been filmed on CCTV while he was buying bleach to clean up DNA evidence after the assault. Do you remember that, do you? So, in the past 14 days, do you think the Gardai have (a) arrested the individual or (b) issued a description and pic of the individual to ask for our help in catching him or (c) suffered hernias laughing their backsides off that “security” correspondents bought the story?

    1. Tea And Brexits

      Of course not. The Sunday Papers are government and state propaganda. We all know that…

  5. eoin

    Has anyone figured out what thecurrency.news offering is yet? It’s newspaper-type reporting and analysis but published on an ad-hoc basis, like a news website but with about three articles a day and no pretence to cover all business news or any segment. Is there a business to sustain, with that type of offering? I hope there is, because the currency collective is a decent bunch, but I have my doubts.

    Interesting stories over the past week, Sean Fitzpatrick receives a “low 5-figure” compo award from a law firm which had advised Anglo about a share support scheme. I wonder will it be going to Sean’s bankruptcy estate? An interesting interview or two, a bit of macro economics, it’s an interesting enough mix, but I’m still not sure what animal it is.

  6. eoin

    The Sunday Times answers the question about John Delaney’s €160,000 a year (plus expenses and perks) role at UEFA. As you know, his UEFA role is dependent on having a senior role in the national organisation.


    The Sunday Times claims that UEFA will continue to retain John until the Mazars or ODCE report on the FAI’s misconduct is published, and even then, it’s not 100% certain John will lose his UEFA role.

    If you thought the FAI was crooked……

  7. eoin

    Anyone know what ex Garda Commissioner, the disgraced Martin Callinan is up to these days? Will his cancelled penalty points be examined as part of the Garda corruption investigation alluded to in several papers today above? Also, we never seem to hear anything about ex Garda Superintendent Dave Taylor or his fragrant wife, do we. It’s the first anniversary on Friday of the publication of the Disclosures Tribunal report which found Messrs Callinan and Taylor had lied to the Tribunal under oath, and that Martin Callinan had indeed sought to smear the character of the Garda whistleblower, Sgt Maurice McCabe in the most outrageous way imaginable. What sanction has either ex Garda faced?


  8. eoin

    The Sindo is now online at the press licensing website


    I wouldn’t bother. Bunch of chancers pretending they have significance by being platformed in a Sunday newspaper. Like 1950s churchy Ireland, those days have gone.

    Shane Ross pretends he has direct control over the FAI when in fact there’s an independent body, Sport Ireland, which decides what funding the FAI gets. Shane DOES get to control Sport Ireland but he seemingly still hasn’t challenged them about giving the FAI €1m a few weeks after the Sunday Times first uncovered and reported the financial misconduct at the FAI.

    Also, any word from Shane about whether or not he dropped the requirement of a PSC to get a driving licence. He told Catherine Murphy that the decision was on foot of advice from the Attorney General, but today, he appears to be denying that, perhaps to save Regina who is outtahere come next May.

    1. f_lawless

      Goodbye Ginger Baker, who was one of England’s national treasures
      if also, by Jakers, a binger of extreme measures

  9. eoin

    First Bonnie Greer, now the NY Times. Nice to see Ireland isn’t without friends on the other side of the Atlantic.

    “Brexit has inverted the age-old power dynamic between Britain and Ireland. No longer an impoverished vassal state languishing next to an empire, Ireland has developed a bustling economy within the European Union. It commands the backing of the other member states as it deals with the potential impact of Brexit, which is political as well as economic.”


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