Behold: the Atlantic – a sleek and powerful 12m long sports tender from former Bugatti auto designer Etienne Salomé.

Powered by twin 440hp Volvo engines, capable of a wave-slicing 60 knots and inspired by the Bugatti Type 57SC, the Atlantic has enough space for nine people – their insufferable faces peering smugly out of the Garmin glass cockpit as your pathetic dingy is swamped in their wake.

Price on application.


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3 thoughts on “Hot Keels

  1. V

    The only thing I like about this is that it follows an Extinction Rebellies thread

    And besides a Tender accompanies, supposed to anyway,
    a bigger MF of a yacht with sun loungers and chopper pads and salt water jacuzzies

    I wanna see that Mamma
    not the home help

  2. eoin

    Brilliant, at €10,000 per illegal migrant, you could earn €80,000 an hour on the Dover-Calais route. You’d pay for that bad boy in a half day and be a millionaire on top in another half day. So stop the begrudgery, get on your bike, you could be a millionaire by this time tomorrow.

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