Meanwhile In Louth


Dundalk Tidy Towns tweetz:

A contractor hired by Louth County Council has destroyed hundreds of newly planted trees (by TT volunteers) and countless numbers of existing gorse along the navvy bank! So much for the biodiversity drive! Whoever is responsible for instructing this needs to be held accountable!


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10 thoughts on “Meanwhile In Louth

  1. millie vanilly strikes again

    I believe it falls under the roads & services/transportation & infrastructure dept. I don’t know for sure. It’s not immediately clear from Louth CoCo website. If you want to complain, I’d recommend phoning them and finding out which dept is actually responsible, address your complaint and then follow up weekly thereafter.

    I also wouldn’t discount a solicitors letter to aid you in this too, if you happen to know one who’d do one up.

    1. eoin

      A less expensive initial step might be to submit a Freedom of Information request to
      You’ll find a template for your request at the bottom of this link.

      They have to respond to a FOI request. Most councils in my experience tend to ignore casual approaches (though a letter from a solicitor might be received differently but then again, is this strictly a legal matter at this stage?)

      1. millie vanilly strikes again

        It’s interesting actually. I had a quick look at the Roads Act 1993 to see whether there was any reference to anything there. If you want to plant or alter a verge, permission from the CoCo must be gained, and as far as I can see they (the council) are within their rights to plant or remove or amend a verge as part of any maintenance on any road which is charge of the council.

        Re a solicitors letter, it can be a good way of giving them a kick in the bum if they’re slow to react to any complaint/correspondence, and they will usually respond to a solrs letter faster than public correspondence etc, afaik. It may well be a good way to get the ball rolling, but for a fee. Unless someone has a solicitor for a bff.

  2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Treebunal of inquiry?
    But seriously, the work of volunteers being so ignorantly destroyed is very depressing.

  3. dhaughton99

    Nigel Farage, on his radio show on LBC last night, praised volunteers who look after the countryside and asked why aren’t the EX Reb protesters going out and planting trees and helping the countryside alliance rather than annoying everyone else by blocking traffic. Its usually older people who are involved in tidy towns etc.

  4. Yann

    What’s the point! Ecology by increasing taxes on the punters (carbon taxe), let the big corps do what they want, do not put any tough regulations on the way buildings are being built (pollution when they are being built and long term environmental impact), water pollution, clean electricity production, higher taxe on SUV, 4×4 and high consumption cars, long term plans for the environment overall. Then you see this, the destruction of a project of a group of doers, not talkers! Fight!

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