16 thoughts on “Friday’s Papers

  1. Emily Dickinson

    The political reporting this evening has a surreal quality to it. And not just because Bertie popped up on Newsnight. Theresa May actually wanted a deal and had a commons majority, neither of which is true of Boris. Is it really credible that the huge gap that was there this morning has somehow been closed by bedtime? Apologies for the cynicism, but I suspect either Leo is trying to manage the blame game, or the two governments are working together to choreograph the inevitable extension.

    1. martco

      I thought Ahern didn’t look too well there…big swollen beetrooty drinkers head on him.

      agree on the substance of yesterday’s circus at the picturesque footballer wags spa weekend gaff in leafy Cheshire very oddball…optics…population calming measure I’d venture. let’s see.

    2. some old queen

      A deal but not yet? There is no way they can leave with a deal by the 31st but one thing is for certain- Boris WILL screw the DUP.

        1. some old queen

          Well I was going to be a bit more diplomatic- not like me I know but anyways- well he’s screwed everything else eh?

    1. V

      I would
      In the normal run of things

      But tbh
      I think Leo is bricking himself
      He’ll never recover from any form of a border outcome

      To see a border return
      Will, IMO anyway
      Trigger hostilities
      Which will reinvigorate the DUP and supply validation to their fake mandate

      I’d say Leo is having a lot of sleepless nights

      1. dav

        you’re probably correct, the happiest day for the dup will be when somebody starts taking pot shots at hmrc border check points

  2. martco

    anyone heading to likes of Power City or Harveyshite to buy their latest telly, washing machine whatnot this weekend might consider that Beko & Grundig brands are manufactured in Turkey when they’re parting with their hard earned cash.

    Anyone know what Turkish made toys Smyths sell?

    1. V

      Dazells (DID don’t have what I’m looking for)

      But good heads up on the Beko/ Grundig there Martie


      1. martco

        Ah! good old Armagh Electrical! every stick of hardware I have in the house @V…
        I save a packet & get exactly what I want to the door.

        1. italia'90

          That’s very Loyal of you Martco.
          I’m sure Arlene appreciates all of your support to the Union in any and every small way.
          No Surrender GSTQ and all that stuff

          1. martco

            well @italia’90 honestly I do what suits my pocket within reason

            I make a judgement call & if the gear can be got more €fficiently in a foreign jurisdiction without major disadvantage in a timely manner I’ll be on it, other side of the planet if necessary. happens I have some procurement experience via my worklife & I can tell you now that many of the items we breezily buy locally have well hidden moral/business question marks along their pipeline to us.

          2. italia'90

            No probs with that economic solution Martco.

            I was just trying to get a rise out of you or V ;)

            i’m very interested in your last sentence though.

            Perhaps you would like to give an example or two?


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