Sure Where Wood You Get It?


Kerry’s Eye tweetz:

At an antique shop in Tralee an old cabinet bearing a “striking resemblance” to the Virgin Mary is drawing devotees into the store, blessing themselves and rubbing holy medals against it – as the otherwise ordinary furniture piece becomes a point of pilgrimage for believers.


Duncan Willis tweetz:

My garden shed has the face of a weird space alien in the wood cladding.

It’s a place of pilgrimage for all sorts of UFO theory nutters, sci-fi geeks and weirdos in general – otherwise known as me and my mates.


Avery Heart tweetz:

Knew one day I’d have a reason to photograph these two. One alien and one frightened dog? They watch my every tweet.

Neil Halpin tweetz:

Bush League…

16 thoughts on “Sure Where Wood You Get It?

      1. some old queen

        Back then, the Virgin Mary was holding keep fit sessions in fields across the country- we laugh at it now.

        Children in state funded schools or those in hospitals who are fed religious meat – without their knowledge or consent- should laugh at it when?


  1. Clampers Outside

    More of this!

    Best and most authentic Broadsheet post in months.

    Should be bookmarked and viewed repeatedly :0p’

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