Meanwhile, In O’Connell Street


This afternoon.

O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.

Members of the Kurdish Community in Ireland and their supporters Protest against the current situation facing Kurdish fighters and Kurdish people in Syria, as Turkey begins operations against them in Northern Syria.

Kurdish civilians flee as Turkish forces bomb Syria for third day (The Guardian)

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10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In O’Connell Street

  1. scottser

    Erdogan, man what self pleasurer. ‘if the eu try to stop me I’ll just let 3.5m refugees into Europe’.

    1. Termagant

      I’ve no ill will towards the Kurds but let’s not pretend they were unwilling dupes. They saw an opportunity to carve out some territory for themselves and they took it. I don’t really understand how they saw this ending any other way, Turkey was never going to tolerate a Kurdish presence on their borders, the US was hardly going to go to war with another NATO state to provide a homeland for the Kurds.

    2. f_lawless

      Sadly they repeated the same mistake of aligning themselves with the plans of the US and Israel. In doing their bidding, the Kurds took over large swathes of land in Northern Syria that never historically had a Kurdish presence there or only a very small minority presence and have carried out ethnic cleansing in the process, displacing large numbers of indigenous Arab populations.

      The “Rojava” region is being touted as some kind of utopian democratic experiment in much of western media but I think this article by independent political analyst, Stephen Gowans, makes an interesting analogy that what’s been happening there is more akin to the early form of Zionism, ‘Labor Zionism’ which ’emphasized decentralized communes. The kibbutzim were utopian communities, whose roots lay in socialism. Like the (Kurdish) PKK’s Syrian incarnation, Labor Zionism relied on sponsorship by imperialist powers securing their patronage by offering to act as the tips of the imperialists’ spears in the Arab world. Zionists employed armed conquest of Arab territory, along with ethnic cleansing and denial of repatriation, to establish an ethnic state, anticipating the PKK’s extension by armed force of the domain of a Kurdish state into Arab majority territory in Syria.’

      1. Ted

        Israel is a utopia compared to every other nation in that region.
        Welcoming of all religions, as long as you are not trying to exterminate them you are welcome.

          1. Ted

            Thats exactly one of the reasons why the war in syria started. Islamists dont want other religions in the Arab world.

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