Meanwhile, At Dublin Castle


Members of media outside Dublin Castle in February 2017, as the Disclosures Tribunal took place

This morning.

At 10.30am in Dublin Castle.

The Disclosures Tribunal will reconvene with Mr Justice Sean Ryan presiding.

It will be examining Garda Nicky Keogh’s claims that he was mistreated after making allegations of Garda collusion with a drug-dealing operation in the Midlands.

In May 2014, then Independent TD Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan told the Dáil:

“[Garda Nicky Keogh]’s greatest concern with the drugs operation in November 2009 is that there was a systematic and orchestrated effort by high-ranking Garda officers to induce and coerce citizens, in this case citizens with no previous criminal conviction, to buy drugs from drug dealers, putting them in personal danger, and sell the drugs in turn to undercover gardaí without making any profit, thus boosting crime detection figures concerning arrests, charges and convictions. The result of this operation was that these mostly young citizens of the State, who had no previous drug convictions, now have serious drug convictions.”

Mr Justice Ryan has already said the tribunal will not be examining the claims made by Garda Keogh which, he says, prompted his alleged mistreatment.

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