Women hold a Catalan pro-independence “Estelada” flag in Barcelona this morning Spain’s Supreme Court sentenced nine Catalan leaders to prison terms ranging from nine to 13 years for sedition and misuse of public funds for their role in a failed 2017 independence bid.

This morning.

Protests were immediately staged across Catalonia as Spain’s Supreme Court sentenced nine Catalan leaders to prison terms of between nine and 13 years for sedition for their role in a failed independence bid in 2017.

The long-awaited verdicts were less than those demanded by the prosecutionwhich had sought up to 25 years behind bars for former Catalan Vice President Oriol Junqueras on grounds of rebellion.

Catalonia leaders jailed for sedition by Spanish court (BBC)

‘An outrage’: Catalonia and the world reacts as separatist leaders handed jail terms (The Local.es)

Pic: AFP

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18 thoughts on “‘Sedición’

  1. Brughahaha

    Can you imagine the howls of outrage from the EU parliament, MEPs , the IT and RTE , if Hungary Poland or Russia had beaten people engaged in a peaceful plebiscite, off the street , then arrested the organisers and tried them in a kangaroo political court (which was a sop to fascism to ensure a peaceful transition to democracy) and jailed them for over a decade

    Yet you won’t hear squat from the EU
    Criticism is reserved solely for those who are not “good europeans” …other pro federalist Governments can do what they like to keep their people in check without a murmur about the “democratic principles ” of the EU ….as France has already proven

  2. Jeff

    Can you imagine the howls of outrage from people like Brughahaha if he took a while to read up what actually happened in Catalonia?

    Independentists – who have been in power here almost non-stop since 1978 – decided to play the nationalist card in 2011 to distract from their own corruption and the crashing economy. Despite never having a majority of votes, the election system favours rural areas giving them a slight majority in parliament and they abused this to organise an illegal referendum – declared it non-binding at the last minute and then organised another illegal referendum this time breaking parliamentary law to declare it binding – at this point Catalan government was routinely ignoring orders from the Spanish constitutional court i.e. a coup. They coordinated with nationalist organisations to impede the police investigation into their plan and despite the vote being boycotted by most catalans, they declared independence anyway.

    The media focus is on the referendum because it is when people like Brughahaha started paying attention but the jail sentences are for the whole plot from the illegal laws right through to the declaration. 10 years is a lot but because Catalonia has so much autonomy already, its the Catalan prison system which will decide how much of the sentence they serve and under what conditions – expect to see them on day release in a few weeks.

    1. Brughahaha

      “Despite never having a majority of votes, the election system favours rural areas giving them a slight majority in parliament”

      So ..err they had a majority

      And EVERY attempt at independence in the last 200 years is considered “illegal” by those wielding the power …… and you not knowing that is priceless given your advice about opening books

      1. Jeff

        They had a parliamentary majority but not a popular one. That’s especially relevant as the 2015 Catalan elections were defined by the independentists themselves as a “plebescite”. Not valid but even then they actually lost that and went ahead anyway…

        EVERY attempt at independence in the last 200 years had a solid popular majority..

        also lots of independence movements remain within the law – specifically the scots but also the Norwegians

      1. Jeff

        really glad you went there because this raises a really important point about the Catalan independence process

        Once of the key ideas from the start is that the independence movement represents the people of catalunya and therefore gets its legitimacy from them. Those who oppose them are automatically labelled as facists (just like you did to me amy). Its a bit like Unionists in the north disregarding the rights of nationalists by regarding them all as terrorists.

        Simple fact is that there are now two groups in Catalonia both with valid national aspirations. The independence process went outside the law to disregard their fellow citizens, friends and neighbours and its leaders are now paying a heavy price.

        1. Amy

          Typical Franco logic on your part. Why doesn’t the Spanish State allow for a referendum on the issue to occur? Why have they consistently refused it? Because they know the Catalans would vote to leave Spain. Fascism is very alive in Spain, it never went away.

  3. Christopher

    “a peaceful plebiscite” that was illegal under their constitution which they ran anyway knowing that anyone opposed to Catalonian independence would boycott it so any result would be invalid? These nationalists deserved the sentences that they got, I’m just glad that their actions didn’t lead to more social unrest and violence.

      1. Nando

        Well Amy, sure you are aware that the similarities between UK and Spain are none. Spain is the union of different kingdoms, among them the Aragon’s crown under which was the catalonian county. Union was achieved by royal marriages and common interest (make a strongest nation). Nobody invaded nobody. Nobody imposed their laws to nobody.

        The so called independence war was just a succession war between two Kings from different houses that aspired to the crown of Spain. Both. There was never an independence cause. But of course there is no need to explain further, you are giving your opinion from your large knowledge of Spanish history.

        1. Amy

          Your ignorance on the matter is overwhelming. Catalonia was invade by the Bourbonist troops in 1714. The Independence movement has existed since at least then.The Catalan language was prohibited, the University removed from Barcelona, Spanish troops set up garrisons, etc. Now, I know you know all this but are spouting pro-Franco rubbish because that’s your ideological bent. But at least try to frame your Spanish Unionist arguments with more intelligence.

          1. nando

            Oh Amy, harsh words, my Degree in History (and Geography) of my own country is crying in the coach.

            Anyone interested can go to wikipedia and search for the life and deeds of poor creature Charles the second and what happened after his death without (luckily) descendence.

            Catalonians supported the loser candidate, and well, suffered the consequences, but their independence was never on the table and their own candidate aimed to be the king of Spain.

            Twisting history and accusing those who just tell the truth of fascists is, indeed, very fascist itself.

          2. Amy

            Suffered the consequences? Again, you’re more intelligent than that, try to argue rationally. The history of the Kings of Spain over the last four hundred years is irrelevant to modernity. History changes, the Catalans now want their Independence, and they will get it. Franco’s dream, which you so admire, is disappearing. The majority of Catalans and of Basques want to leave Spain. It’s only a matter of time before that happens.

          3. Amy

            Typical Spanish Unionist response. Your regime is over Fernando. Welcome to the birth of the Catalan and Basque Republics.

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