Cheshire Cat Bounce


This morning’s Irish Times Ipsos MRBY poill surveyed after last week’s Cheshire Brexit meeting

This morning.

Via The Irish Times:

Varadkar’s personal rating has risen a whopping 15 points since May, returning to the very high levels he enjoyed in his first year as Taoiseach.

…Just as some kind of honeymoon period for the Fine Gael leader was to be expected, so too was the inevitable return to earth. The first two phases have now played out. The less predictable question is: what comes next?

Voters are impressed with his management of Brexit, where 60 per cent are satisfied with the Government’s performance, with just over a quarter (26 per cent) expressing dissatisfaction.

Varadkar’s poll bounce of 15 points restores popular appeal (Irish Times)

40 thoughts on “Cheshire Cat Bounce

  1. Bland

    Fake polls.

    It’s the only way these leftie-virtue-signalling numpties can win anything – rig the outcome.

    1. Col

      Labour should surely be able to capitalise on the overspending and housing crises?
      Time for Howlin to go.

      1. Rob_G

        If they are only on 6%, whereas Howlin’s personal approving is at 19%, it might make sense to keep him where he is.

          1. Rob_G

            True, but I think that Howlin’s unpopularity is due to him leading the Labour party, rather than the Labour party being unpopular because of Howlin.

            Who would even replace him – AK47?

  2. LeopoldGloom

    He must be getting bonus points for his supreme self satisfaction because he’s doing a terrible job.

  3. Jake38

    Mary Lou Mc Donnell in death spiral………………………How long will West Belfast continue to tolerate this?

  4. diddy

    the left is in dissaray. no charismatic leaders calling out the shafting of the working classes on housing.

  5. V



    Leo has no more jumped 15
    than I have

    FFS, Government plus 11?

    This is a pre-election con by the Irish Times, getting their foot in the door with a Party & Cabinet that would prefer to spend money on spin, pr and on advertorialising their work,
    than like, actually doing work, and achieving outcomes; like delivering housing, hospital beds etc

    Collectively this is the worst, and most incompetent and inept cabinets ever in Government. Yet somehow we’re supposed to swallow that Eoghan, Regina, and Co are worth a plus 11

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Irish electorate is 3,220,000 approx
    And approx 1000 people polled.
    As with all polls over the past few years, a large pinch of salt needed.

    1. Cian

      What was the support at the last GE? you know, when all 3 million got a chance to vote?
      Not all that dissimilar: FG 26%; FF 24%; SF: 14%; Lab: 7%

      1. V

        Oh yeah?
        So who was the FG leader that returned them into office on 26% three & half years ago

        Since then
        Rural Broadband Billions, NCH Billions, Homeless figures out of control, PSC conniptions, and still no grip on the HSE
        While still playing blind-mans bluff on the withdrawal agreement and with Housing shortages

        Sure, I’m more paranoid

        1. Rob_G

          Suggesting that the IT is faking opinion polls is a bit paranoid, yes.

          Plenty of people living in the countryside are delighted with the broadband plan. Homeowners, and people living outside Dublin, only care about the homeless crisis in an abstract way. As bad as some things under FG are, I’m not sure any of the opposition parties have convinced the electorate that they could manage things any better.

          Enough people will see the economy doing well, and be worried enough about Brexit to not want to change horses mid-race, to shrug and vote FG again, as they did in the last two elections.

          1. V

            I don’t disagee with most of that Rob
            But no way is the voter swinging a +12 in favour of this Government

            Especially after swing gate and that other buck
            the one caught up the ladder hanging his posters
            Because that’s the stuff that the majority of voters, particularly outside the Dublin/ D2 activity react to

            you question the integrity of the poll

            What if the poll was conducted at the ploughing
            or down in Killarney
            Or in Dalkey
            would you trust those numbers?

          2. Rob_G

            I don’t think that the poll is any more accurate or inaccurate than previous polls; I just think it more likely that an aberration is due to sample size or the limitations of the method of polling, rather than:

            “…a pre-election con by the Irish Times, getting their foot in the door with a Party & Cabinet”

            – as you claimed above.

          3. V


            not buying it

            AFAIC its exactly what I said earlier

            A bitta’ve subliminal botty bumbum licking by utilising a polling company who provide a paid service to the Irish Times

            One back scratching the other

  7. BS

    Genuine question: who else is there to vote for?!

    I will never vote ff/fg or Sinn Fein.

    The greens are a bunch of slight intellects as illustrated by Eamonn Ryan, they also propped up the ff government which bailed out unsecured bond holders.

    Labour supported water meters vehemently with Alan Kelly spitting bile in their support.

    So whose left that can actually make a difference?!

    I would have voted for Shane Ross had I lived in his constituency but look how he’s turned out. So even if an independent somehow gets a seat at the table they mess it up.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Though I see you will never vote SF, who haven’t been in government here so haven’t been tested, there are many who would. If FFGLAB have been in power for almost a century, and we continually end up in the mire, then surely time to test the untested?

      1. Rob_G

        That’s like saying “I’m tired of drinking tea and coffee – may as well give the oul drain cleaner a bash”.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Is it? Somehow I don’t think your phrase will win any awards. Try again in a couple of years.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          As in?
          If memory serves me correctly it is FF FG LAB who have said that its FF FG LB who wont go into government with SF.
          (They have no problems having a ging bing themselves in their FFGLAB bubble though)

          1. Rob_G

            Not just the Dáil; they also refuse to countenance taking any responsibility in Stormont or Westminster, either.

    2. Mike

      The Green Party is full of highly qualified elected reps – PhDs, MScs coming out of their ears. Slight intellects they’re not. A vast chunk of the party also joined post 2011.

      1. V

        To add to that
        I’m sure I’m not the only one here that dose be out and about with reps from the main parties so maybe lads here can hop in, but I’m hearing that this Green wave has picked up ‘characters’ looking at chancing their arm on a Green Party ticket as a way of getting their noses into national politics.

        A bit like yer man in the West Wing referring to some Congress members as lads looking for an easy gig

        So I’d personally be very suspicious of new Green Party candidates with no profile, or background in local activism/ politics

  8. DOC

    I do not know if that poll is accurate but if it is…..
    And Leo gets Brexit pushed through expect him to call a snap election pre christmas
    Get it out of the way but it gets worse
    Maria Bailey is running and i would not be surprised if she got back in the swing of things
    I remember a quote from another person years ago
    “The Irish are like sheep…They bleat a lot but they will still go in to the slaughterhouse”- Bertie Ahern

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