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Free Friday?

The 2019 RDS Visual Art Awards Exhibition is At The RDS Concert Hall, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 is opening until October 24.

The Awards are Ireland’s largest prize fund for the visual arts (approx €30,000 in total, but there you go).

Sez they:

13 of the best visual art graduates of the year are included in the exhibition and eligible for the five Awards.

The exhibition is free to attend and has been co-curated by artists Janet Mullarney and David Quinn.

From top: Louise Wallace photographed with her piece entitled Hidden in Hazel; Clare Scott  with her piece entitled Heading Towards the Light ; Artist Rosalind Spencer with her piece entitled Narcissus; Jamie Cross with his piece entitled 240v every other 15mins.
2019 RDS Visual Art Awards Exhibition

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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15 thoughts on “Fancy A Look Around?

  1. Termagant

    Am I a philistine for thinking these are garbage? That last one just appears to be a lamp.

    I’ll let the first one off the hook since we can’t really see what it is, maybe it’s not garbage at all.

  2. Paulus

    Just about anything can be art these days. Almost anything can be imbued with meaning. Almost anything can be an installation. Almost any group of stuff can be said to be curated.
    So art is everywhere?…maybe.
    But let’s not forget the fabled emperor and his carefully curated clothes.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        No, thanks be to God. I would be ashamed to put forward some of the above as art, if I had one.

  3. V

    Ok, so all I see is a tinny shed, a scaffold erection of sticks, a cage on a wall, a lamp and a few screens

    But isn’t it great that not everyone is like me?

    It takes all sorts to make Ireland unique and special
    And I congratulate all the graduates and wish them well

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