“The Department Has Become Something Of An Outlier”


From top: Public Services Card; Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone (left); Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon

This morning.

In The Irish Examiner.

Cianan Brennan reports that the Department of Children and Youth Affairs still hasn’t replied to a near two-week-old request from the Data Protection Commissioner for information concerning the controversial Public Services Card and the new National Childcare Scheme.

The scheme was scheduled to begin at the end of this month but now won’t begin until November.

Mr Brennan reports:

“The commissioner’s query concerns the requirement for all applicants to the new scheme to hold a public services card, which is perceived as being at odds with the commissioner ’s recent finding that mandating citizens to hold a PSC in order to access State services other than welfare is illegal.

“…The department has become something of an outlier since the publication of the commissioner’s report into the PSC on September 17, as the majority of other departments have since dropped their mandatory PSC requirement, despite Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty’s stated intention to legally challenge the commissioner’s rulings.”


Department yet to reply to Public Services Card info request (Cianan Brennan, The Irish Examiner)

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4 thoughts on ““The Department Has Become Something Of An Outlier”

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I often feel that poor Seosamhfín must be regretting lending her image for the PSC sample card.

  2. SoLo

    I’ve been counting the weeks until this scheme came in, struggling to get by with current childcare situation. I hate the idea of the card but really could do without the hold up on this.

  3. V

    I tell ye wha
    That Minister ffs Catherine Zappone is getting away with murder

    I’d say she has Regina and Eoghan and the other imbeciles spoilt rotten for giving her so much cover

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