Holystown Or Bust



Rob Gale writes:

found this ad (above) for an apartment in Holystown [Dublin 15]

I did a reverse image search on one of the clearly-not-Holystown photos and it’s of Mrytle Beach Hotels in the US [South Carolina, on the Atlantic coast of America]. What the Hell’s going on?


Chapelwood Green, Hollystown, Dublin 15, North Dublin (Daft)

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26 thoughts on “Holystown Or Bust

  1. Mick

    At least half of these photos (17 out of 33) are DEFINITELY not Dublin 15, and the remainder are all interiors, so could be anywhere.

    One of the photos shows steps leading to a beach, another shows a beautiful view of mountains, which is not in Dublin 15!

    How do daft.ie get away with this?

  2. Cian

    don’t you all miss eoin.. he’s be in like Flynn with his irrelevant rants about the Fallon brothers and the cost of daft and how none of the “reputable landlords” use it…

    (still on the naughty step?)

    1. Qwerty123

      And his rants on met eireann and their clothes allowance, not knowing how weather is forecasted in Europe, not too mention his beef with the Albanian and Georgian asylum seekers.

      Ah bless, and the replies to these being deleted form some strange reason….

      Good times, but look who I am telling this too, a BS moderator.

    2. Ghost of Yep

      I actually found his comments on the failure of Daft to vet listings quite relevant. If a little rabid at times.

    3. V

      ah would ye stop

      I’d say he’s off in Benidorm or somewhere cheap and sunny
      getting a few seshs in before he gets the head down for Christmas, and all the year ends that will be coming in.
      Plus an election(s)

      And Ski season will be on top of him soon enough

  3. Dr.Fart

    even if you wanted to buy an apartment there, the fact that the letting agent used these photos would have me highly suspicious of them. how honourable could they possibly be? and to do business with them, involving thousands of euros of your money .. wise to steer clear.

      1. Qwerty123

        Do you honestly think they are trying to hoodwink people into thinking a house in hollystown looked like a house in the algarve with pool and beach?

        Re time taken to amend, maybe daft have more staff responding to errors, whereas myhome don’t?

        Its kinda like the way my comments sometimes appear instantly and other times take ages, all depends on when the person reviewing it actually reviews it.

        Pretty harmless stuff, or elaborate con all attributable to the blueshirts, take your pick.

          1. Rob Gale

            I doubt it, it shows the estate agent placing the ad. Maybe it’s a kind of marketing thing, if it gets attention, job done! or something. who knows.

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