12 thoughts on “Thursday’s Papers

  1. GiggidyGoo

    But I thought we had a withdrawal agreement all along, and a Cast Iron and Politically Bulletproof backstop.
    Looks more like we have had an end of season sell-out.
    it’ll be interesting what comes out of the tunnel to replace the original proposed WAand Backstop. Even more fun and games with the UK and (once it’s translated) with the 27.

  2. george

    A Brexit deal against all odds? He started with a deal and he was the main obstacle to an alternative deal which was always achievable once a UK red line was removed.

  3. V

    What the eff are the Irish Daily Malers at?!??!?

    Trying to makeover that DUP Mama Ape with a bitta’ve nicey nicey sweetie headline

    They lost the run of themselves
    And should be made apologise to Dexys
    And the rest of us on the Island
    In an equally prominent splash

    So there

      1. V

        Don’t be looking at me J

        Find someone else to drop the red hand to find out for ya

        I already know what that DUP Mama Ape is
        I don’t need their gender confirmed

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