‘A Premeditated, Homophobic Attack’


Marc Power

Last night.

Near the Odeon Cinema on the Malahide Road in Coolock, Co Dublin.

Marc Power was the victim of a pre-planned homophobic attack.

Gardai are currently investigating.

Last night, Marc wrote on Facebook:

I’ve just been the victim of a premeditated homophobic attack here in Dublin. Went to meet someone off Grindr. Was met with a group of teenage boys with weapons. They tried to kill me with these weapons. They were trying to hit me on the head with hammers.

They didn’t manage but I’m in the emergency room in hospital with facial injuries and my car was destroyed. I’m ok but fu**ing angry. I need to find out why Grindr allows violent scum to open accounts.

Gardai investigating after homophobic thugs lure gay man to cinema before beating him with hammer in North Dublin (Dublin Live)

Gay man victim of horrific homophobic attack in Dublin (GCN)

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22 thoughts on “‘A Premeditated, Homophobic Attack’

  1. Hank

    Dirty little scumbags. Hope there’s CCTV. And hope they’re done for attempted murder. Without facts like ‘I was devastated by my granny’s death 3 years ago’ or ‘I had 9 pints and 4 vodkas beforehand’ being taken into account as mitigating factors which seems to happen all too often when these scrotes are being sentenced..

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Yes. A shower of scumbags. A night out for them, and more than likely they’ve already got form in assaulting people. And as you say, if they do eventually end up in court, it’ll be free legal aid, appearances by the local priest, and the ‘mitigating circumstances’ list.

  2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

    so depressed and sad,
    where and how do people like this come from, no excuses, and proper punishment,
    speedy recovery

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Pure filth. I hope these thugs are found and locked up for a very long time. I also hope Marc finds someone who he can be happy with.

  4. shortforbob

    Scumbags are scumbags but people you meet on any dating app can be weirdos and when meeting strangers for the first time it should always be in a public place.

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    Horrified by this. Harks back to the beatings in the 80s and 90s, one fatally and in our memory.
    I was so busy observing the hate crime upsurge in Britain lately and forgot about it at force here.
    There was a prosecution recently to a Tinder predator of women…is there any awareness following these attacks for the app users?

    1. McVitty

      kids being dragged up in fatherless homes in urban centers and congregating as teenagers…same as it ever was, just at higher rates….

      1. V

        I like to think parenting isn’t choosey as to the gender(s) that are responsible for it
        Or even the number providing it

  6. Joe Small

    I suppose the real progress is that now someone from the gay community feels confident to openly complain when attacked this way. Bizarre that someone would be so homophobic as to go to the trouble of setting up a Grindr account just to lure someone for a beating.

  7. Dr.Fart

    again. teenagers. everything bad that happens out on the streets is always teenagers. they need to be punished very hashly, they just walk out of court cases all the time. i hate them.

  8. Jeffrey

    Talk about bad thugs, they were many and had weapons and Marc comes away with a scratch on the cheek? Good for him but those guys should find another occupation…. As for those apps, it was a matter of time :(

  9. V

    Well Marc, it looks like you put up one hell of a fight bhoy
    And fair play to you
    For this to happen – in this day and age
    Is a signal, to me anyway
    That eff all has changed in our Country

    I’m sincerely sorry that your evening ended up like this
    I imagine you were looking forward to it for days
    With excitement and optimism
    And hope, maybe even a bit of giddiness

    Please let’s all hope this will be the last time anyone will be targeted like this
    All Marc was doing was looking and hoping for a relationship
    What the _úck is wrong with that?

    Let’s hope these thugs are caught and shifted through the full rigours of our justice system
    There is no room for the likes of them in Ireland
    But there is plenty room for people like Marc

    Zero tolerance for ignorance, thuggery and intolerance

    Equality and Human Decency
    Must prove themselves to be the champions

    Get well soon Marc
    You are on the side of love, and goodness,
    Decency and sincerity
    You will win
    One Day

  10. Bort

    This is beyond psychotic and really sad. An attack by one person, is terrible but a group and specifically organised is TERRIFYING. Christ I hope they’re caught

    1. postmanpat

      Oh they’ll be caught….. and let off by a judge. Like everyone is saying the “troubled” teens will have had a recent death of the family pet dog or something. This is Ireland. Good man Marc, looks likes you gave as good as you got, Id say a few of those scrotes were sore after! Have a private detective track these fellas down after the judge pats them on the head and sends them home to their mammys ..and bide your sweet time…..there’s other forms of justice out there…

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