Just a drill.

This morning.

Eccles Street, Dublin 7.

The Aeromedical Service Helicopter lands outside the Mater Hospital in the ‘first simulation of an air emergency transfer’.

The Mater Hospital is apparently the only Dublin hospital where the Emergency Aeromedical Service will be able to directly land adjacent to the Emergency Department.


Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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10 thoughts on “Looks Nasty

  1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    That’s an awful lot of land in the City Centre to be devoting to the odd helicopter landing.
    Are they keeping their options open in case the Children’s Hospital comes back?

  2. Niallo

    Ok, theres a thing i seen that might help, heres the scenario.
    Urban city area, no vacant ground level land, yet paradoxically you need a heliport.
    Its a one word thing, and all it would have taken is a little foresight, that word is.
    Sorry, but am i the only one who sees this ?

    1. Praetorian.

      If they could erect a helipad on the roof of the Taoiseachs office they could easily put one on the Mater.

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