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Eccles Street, Dublin 7.

The Aeromedical Service Helicopter lands outside the Mater Hospital in the ‘first simulation of an air emergency transfer’.

The Mater Hospital is apparently the only Dublin hospital where the Emergency Aeromedical Service will be able to directly land adjacent to the Emergency Department.


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A Dublin priest has been appointed Bishop of Elphin in the midlands and west of Ireland.

Kevin Doran, 61, was named by Pope Francis to succeed retired Bishop Christopher Jones at the head of the diocese.

Cardinal Sean Brady praised Bishop-elect Doran for his work organising the 50th International Eucharistic Congress.

His advocacy and championing of the right to life of the unborn child, and his work in promoting vocations to the priesthood, are but two of the many talents and gifts which Bishop-elect Kevin has shared during his priestly ministry for the good of the Church and of our society,” the Cardinal said.

Praise indeed from Sean Brady.

Is this the same Father Kevin Doran, who according to the Irish Independent delayed the treatment of lung cancer patients at Dublin’s Mater Hospital because female patients who could get pregnant would have to take contraceptives under the treatment?

Dublin priest appointed as the new bishop of the midlands and west of Ireland (Irish Times)

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“Would He Prefer For Both Of Them To Die?”

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File Pics Mater hospital representative says it cannot comply' with abortion legislation.

I recall talking to someone whose wife had recently experienced an emergency during pregnancy.

Admitted under her gynaecologist in a very well regarded religious-ethos hospital, she was in a serious condition and needed an emergency termination. A member of medical staff pulled the husband aside and advised him, in an undertone, to seek a transfer to another hospital in another part of the country, immediately, because he could not guarantee that she’d be given the lifesaving treatment she needed in this hospital, because of its religious ethos. She was transferred to a hospital three hours away by ambulance, and, after being treated as required, made a full recovery.

My friend thought this legislation would make that situation a thing of the past, but he was wrong.

We’re back to a situation where a woman who is pregnant – and has the money to choose where she is treated – will have to spend some time researching the religious ‘ethos’ of her hospital and even her doctor to ensure that she will be treated in accordance with the law. If – like most of us – she doesn’t have a choice about where she’s treated, a few decades of the Rosary might be advisable instead.

No Mater what (Deirdre O’Shaughnessy, Cork Independent)

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9030968317/4/2013 Inquests into the death of Savita Halappanavar


Dr Peter Boylan, (above) consultant obstetrician and former master of the National Maternity Hospital gave his reaction this morning to Father Kevin Doran’s comments that abortions could not be performed at the Mater, Dublin, top, because of the hospital’s “ethos”.

Here is some of what Dr Boylan had to say to Newstalk’s Breakfast presenter Shane Coleman:

“Well I suspect that Father Doran is speaking in a rather personal capacity and not representing the views of the hospital and I certainly hope that is the case. The whole purpose of a hospital is to save people’s lives and Father Doran is proposing that a woman in an intensive care unit in the Mater Hospital is denied a life saving operation because it goes against his personal ethos or what he would say is the ethos of the hospital, then that is an extremely disturbing thing to say”.

“You can imagine a scenario, say the Mater, for example is associated with the Rotunda Hospital. So supposing a woman who gets seriously ill is transferred to the intensive care unit in the Mater Hospital and needs a termination in order to save her life, and is Father Doran going to stand by her bedside in the intensive care unit and prevent the doctors from giving the care she needs to save her life? I mean it’s really..it’s just not on.”

“Well I can understand Father Doran’s personal view and one has to respect his personal view but he’s not a doctor and there’s too long of a history of the Catholic Church interfering in the care of women, particularly in the area of reproductive health in this state and they really need to back off and leave it to the doctors. It’s absolutely intolerable that a hospital would deny somebody life-saving treatment in the 21st century in a Western country. It just beggars belief to be honest with you.

Would he prefer for both of them to die? For the baby and the mother to die? A lot of people against this Act miss the point that if the mother dies, the baby dies also. So are they happy to stand by and watch a woman die and be denied life-saving treatment because it goes against their personal beliefs which are not shared by the doctors looking after the woman or by the woman herself or by her family? It really, you know we really need to move on from this sort of interference.”

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Dr Peter Boylan and Breda O’Brien: The Transcript

When Dr Boylan Met Dr Kiely

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)