Staying In Saturday?


Comedian Andrew Maxwell on BBC News in 2018 discussing Brexit

On The Ray D’Arcy Show.

Fergus McCormack writes:

Comedians and actors PJ Gallagher and Katherine Lynch chat to Ray about their dark comedy play Madhouse.

From Big Brother to interviewing the Hollywood A-Listers, This Morning’s Alison Hammond joins Ray for her first ever Irish chat show interview.

Brian Kennedy will join Ray to celebrate his recent cancer free diagnosis and share some of his most loved songs…

Comedian Andrew Maxwell will lead up to a million protesters in a march in London to call for a Brexit referendum. He’ll join Ray in studio to explain how he got involved and why it’s still a laughing matter….

Athlone Jockey Paddy Merrigan joins Ray to talk about his rise to the top of his game, his downward spiral into drink, drugs and gambling and the turning point that led him to return to horse-racing and spread his message of positive mental health.

The Ray D’Arcy Show at 9.55pm on Saturday on RTÉ One.

Pic: BBC

15 thoughts on “Staying In Saturday?

  1. Frank

    Ye are a bit ahead of yourselves.
    Today is Thursday.
    Tomorrow is Friday and that’s the Late Late.
    The Day After Tomorrow (See what I did there ?) is Saturday and that’s when Ray is on !

  2. bisted

    …Andrew Maxwell will lead a million marchers…good luck with that…if they couldn’t be bothered to participate in a referendum they’ll be hardly likely to turn up for a whinge…

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