12 thoughts on “Monday’s Papers

  1. V

    Well ‘Mr. Pickwick’

    You better have won something decent there this weekend

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Another failure by Varadkar, Harris and Co. comes to light. And look – they found a fall guy! Bam! and the bill increases.
    After his Brexit proposed backstop sell out, Varadkar is back into the ‘warning mode. Poor Boris must be skuttering his pants with all of those warnings (the ones where Varadkar and the EU back down on)

    1. Rob_G

      Seriouely, why do take such a self-defeating, seoinín attitude to anything related to Brexit?

      You take such glee in (what you perceive as) any Irish misstep in the negotiations…

  3. GiggidyGoo

    If TDs can fiddle the voting system ( and they did ), whomis to say what else they put their shiftiness to. Collins and Dooley now need to resign. They’re not trustworthy. If that happened across the water, they’d be gone by now.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Them, and more than likely the rest. It’ll probably come out that there’s a long time ‘gentleman’s agreement’ cross party to do it.

    1. topsy

      You can add Chambers to those two. I heard her being asked on News at one if she had ever done the same. She said no. But he ho apparently has. So another lie.

  4. Listrade

    Brief update for those wondering what happened to our friends in the Tobacco lobby industry. Note all the vaping scare stories. It would be crazy to imply that the negative science behind vaping also seems to come from the same scientists/companies. Companies which also produce other “pro-tobacco” and “pro-oil/anti-climate change” science. But, yaknow, Greta and all that.

    Anyway. Here’s the issue for the cuddly guys and gals in tobacco. At the start, vaping was good. Forget that there was an issue in it being a whole new untested area, it was all good because it was a means of selling tobacco/nicotine. Before that, nicotine replacement was through Pharma, it was regulated, tobacco industry had no chance of making money. Then we get vaping and it’s unregulated and anyone can manufacture. Buy, buy, buy, buy.

    At that point the (paid) science is all positive. No risk. Stop ciggies. All good. Get in there baby. Even better was the attraction to Tobacco’s most wanted market: kids. The kids loved to vape. Tobacco wants its kids to maximise sales. And what Tobacco also knows is that a good percentage of those will probably switch to cigs or at least become dependant on the vape. Vaping is good. Vaping is pure. Look at all this science.

    But then the worst thing happens. Kids like vaping…but without nicotine. Those ungrateful gits are vaping juicy fruits and ignoring the nicotine ones. Quick, start paying science to say vaping is harmful. Then it gets worse. Some stupid states start saying weed is ok and suddenly everyone is switching to that (lets not pretend that’s in anyway a people victory, millionaires became billionaires growing and selling in bulk while poor people are in prison for life for historical selling).

    It’s now crisis point for Tobacco. We could have a whole new generation that does not take up nicotine in any form. They are literally down to their dying off consumers with no new ones.

    Pop up the lobby groups. Now you have politicians grumbling about weed and their pockets stuffed full of tobacco money. Now you have science reports warning us about all the dangers (still unknown positive or negative because we don’t have a big enough timeline or sample size), then heaven! People die. This is gold. Doesn’t matter that it’s from a homemade batch. Doesn’t matter that it’s 8. This is their moment. The money is thrown at the President and he speaks out.

    And now the Tobacco lobby in ireland smells blood. We have increased duty. We have the same trends in the youth. We even have some potential hope towards decriminalisation (that is coming, we are waiting for the big few who will get the licences to be ready to go on a European scale, the current independent CBD guys will be dumped), better get the bad news out now to scare the parents.

    Vaping juicy fruits = bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Our science says so. Our wealthy pay masters told us to say so.

  5. martco

    not a major fan but this feels like a very sad ending for the rugby team

    when they played England earlier this year & got walloped even with my limited knowledge I thought wow this is a Nokia moment (when they saw the 1st iPhone & copped that they were screwed) unfortunately just like team Nokia they battered on with what they knew best just hoping for the best but realistically given their tech was so much chalk to cheese what else were they to do?

    the Joe bashers need to cop on. the world hasn’t ended. I think he & his system has given the country some very happy sporting moments & we should remember him in a +ve way!

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