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  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Re: The Star’s headline, it really should be “Woman Supports Self”. Acting is a precarious career and having a few weeks work on EE will look great on the CV, but when she’s not working, rather than the faux shock horror of someone off the tv working in retail, she should be praised for not expecting the world to owe her a living.

  2. Smith

    Ha, that ginger royal and his missus, ‘existing, not living.’ Tell that to the family down the food bank.

  3. Fiona McCarthy

    Think I’ll give the Mail on Sunday a skip, can they not produce an Irish article for the top of their front page? Just using a copy of the English paper is lazy journalism and a big turn of for me. I expect some Irish news for my €3 thank you very much!

    1. Jason Clare

      They let go a lot of staff a while ago so that’s the reason you’re getting a paper that is now the same in large parts to the one they put out in the UK. Their sales have collapsed the last 12 months or so and it’s not hard to work out when they continue to charge €3 for a paper that is looking more and more like the Sunday Express as each week passes. Hard to work out what their strategy is, it’s a no brainer that Irish people don’t want a paper that is mostly English. I also found it odd that the owners in London assigned an English person as editor of the Irish Daily Mail, Sebastian Hamilton. He worked for years in the UK with the Mail there so while he clearly knows his stuff as a newspaper person, he had no grasp of Irish matters until he came here to take up that post. The daily sales of the Irish Daily Mail have also fallen off a cliff, only selling 25k now, was selling 50k plus relatively recently. Think they need to change their strategy as regards Ireland!

    2. Eamon Fitzpatrick

      I stopped getting it about 6 months ago for basically the same reason. Every second article was written by some English writer I never heard of. They certainly have lost their customers. Any news you want you can now get for free online. 3 euros would be much better spent on something else rather than an English paper masquerading as an Irish paper.

  4. Cú Chulainn

    What about that ditch..? Wasn’t Arleen’s dad in the UDR.. no doubt they could help Boris out..

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Regina Doherty says she’s disappointed at Boris’ defeat. Monologue of RTÉ earlier. She’s no Helen McEntee, and will almost definitely lose her seat at the next election.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    I see Enda Kennys ‘ethnics’ and doing their ethnic thing non-stop in Longford. Spike Island needs re-opening and populated with these scum, and let them at it where they aren’t a danger to law-abiding citizens.

  7. Gabby

    Irish rugby suffered a decisive setback in Japan. Were our national emotions inflated too much by commentators using language without emotional and rational restraint? I remember a similar phenomenon with Irish soccer in the world cup of 1990. The inflation of nationwide sporting emotion is a dangerous thing.

    1. Ghost of Yep

      A dangerous thing? What are you on about?

      The vast majority of coverage was restrained and rational.

      1. Charlie

        No it wasn’t. All I heard after the Scotland game was how we would top the group and play S. Africa.
        The writing was on the wall when England gave us a hammering two months ago.

        1. Ghost of Yep

          So because we were murdered by England 2 months ago, it was ridiculous to think we could pass Japan after a comfortable win against the Scots? Remember this was at the start of the Cup before anyone could really judge form. We also went to Japan after beating the Welsh. The Welsh who many predicted would get as far as they now have.

          Sexton actually mentioned a week ago how surprised he was when he heard about the negative feeling at home. I think whatever you heard that week stuck in your head or you ignored the rest of the coverage.

          Anyway, my real issue was the inflation of sporting emotion being “dangerous”.

          1. Charlie

            We were hammered by England. Beat an experimental Welsh team and then a unmotivated one. Scotland are poor. Japan were always going to be tough against a home team.
            My point is that we peaked at least a year too early and got sucked in by the bulls**t the media had the public believe. The sporting fan can be extremely gullible. Friendlies mean nothing because like it or not that’s all they really are. The World Cup was the goal and we failed miserably.

  8. V

    Revenue Crackdown on the easy pickings in the everyday sector gets a bitta’ve splash there in the SBPee

    It’ll come in handy
    Since keeping Apple’s 13 Billion tax bill in cosy but costly escrow is going to end up costing us that 100 mill and more in negative Interest rates.

    No mention of that tho’

    Do you know there has been the odd day here and there that the papers tick me off
    Today is one of them

    But at least we know why Dáil Politicans aren’t too noisy about the dumbing down of the Local Authority network.

  9. Ron

    So is any if the daw jawed electorate concerned about how the political filth have been defrauding the democratic voting system of our national parliament?

    Is that the type of caliber the Irish people expect of politicians?

    Business as usual in this corrupt little banana republic fully supported by the electorate.

    Ya can’t fix stupid

  10. Spaghetti Hoop

    Those two Royals spend millions of public money on a showbiz wedding, a massive stately home, rumble on incessantly in public about their love story, have a kid – but still aren’t happy.

    1. Rob_G

      Sure how could they be happy – imagine living your entire life in the public eye (from birth, in his instance), your every move scrutinised?

      I’m sure I am much happier as a relatively poor, anonymous citizen.

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