Enny Winners?


The votes are in.

Two weeks ago, with TWO free vouchers for the ‘full treatment’ at Cesellato on Wexford Street, Dublin 2 on offer – in the capable hands of Enny Buono (above right) who comes from FOUR generations of Italian hairsmiths – we asked you for your worst barber experience.

You answered in your shaggy haired tens.

But there could be only two winners.

Runner up:

Johnny C writes:

A few years ago (my kids were all under 3 so wasn’t getting my quota of sleep) I went to get my hair cut. I was looking forward to the peace and quiet, hoping the barber wouldn’t make small talk with me, and just enjoy the silence. Anyways, apparently half-way through the haircut I fell fast asleep. The barber pushed the chair (was on wheels!) across the room to the corner and left me in peace. I woke up maybe 30mins later to a cheer in the barbers. I got the rest of my hair cut and left feeling relaxed and fully recuperated.

Runner up:

Steve writes:

An apparently newly trained barber got the blade sizes wrong. Put a zero instead of a 4 onto the clippers. Went to 5th year in secondary school with a big old chunk of hair missing out of the front of my head. It grew out to unnoticeable length after a month. 16 years later, I still fear they will get it wrong….


Boj writes:

“Trim your eyebrows?” is a line which sends shudders down my follicles. I was preparing for an all out assault for a first date a few years back. New clothes, then into barbers to get the head of knots tidied, shaved the neck, hot towels, lovely. Then that dreaded line…
I casually replied “sure”.
Electric razor comes out, blade goes onto razor. Barber gets distracted and blade falls off the razor…I sat watching….hoping that the barber saw the fumble. He did not….and before I could scream….zzzzzzz….across the left eyebrow. I went to that date with a helluva story and a unique look. I still chuckle when that line comes out to this very day.


Mick writes:

As a teenager in the 80s I was a bit spotty, and obviously very conscious of it. I went to get my hair cut in my regular barbers one day, and there was a new fella there, a son of the owner, in his early 20s. As he was cutting my hair, near the end he was trimming the back of my neck and had to pull the collar of my shirt to get at all the hair there. While doing it, he obviously had to look down the back of my shirt and said in full voice: “God, you’ve got lots of spots on your back, haven’t you?”
I never went back, and grew my hair long for about 5 years after that.

Thanks all.

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  1. Mick

    No way! Hah! Never thought that personally horrific story would ever get me anything good.
    Thanks guys.

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