A map of the first (collectively innuendo-laden) word(s) of countries’ national anthems from the @europemaps Insta.

NB: contains all manner of debatable translations and fact-bait, as you’ll see from comments.


9 thoughts on “Oh My God YES!

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I am sorry but I had to laugh. For some reason I read a bit of it a s a circular sentence:
    Yes, you! Oh My God, NOT YET, Lithuania!

    I started to wonder what Lithuania was going to do.

  2. Edith Carafe

    Technically the first word of ours is ‘We’ in the official Irish (1919) version, even though it was first written in English (1907) where the first word is ‘Soldiers’.
    Quality map all the same.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      The original English version, from which the Irish version came, is ‘Soldiers are we’

    1. Slightly Bemused


      Although with all the shenanigans the Irish get up to there, it just might be herpes…..

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