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  1. Praetorian

    Brit rags having a party spouting ‘Irish’ truck driver charged for murder…naming him…utter scum journalism.
    The guy has since been released without charge…the trailer was shunted onto a ferry,left in a holding pen overnight.
    The driver had it hitched for 35 mins…he was the one who called emergency services…but scutter brit media will use the ‘Irish’ stick to bate them.
    I hope he sues the fupp outta them.

    1. Praetorian.

      It never went near Holyhead…it never even breached Ireland…premature Brit media…
      The truck driver will be given a chance to say his piece by a reputable international media outlet,maybe possibley C4 News…other Brit media woudnt dare admit they where wrong.
      This young lad was tried by scum media without trial…he’s well entitled to seek retribution from them.
      They named & shamed him.
      without proof or trial.

      1. Gremil

        Calm your knickers. 39 dead bodies in the truck he was driving. What do you want the cops to do? Send him home with a lollipop?

        1. Rob_G

          He’s not talking about the police, he’s talking about the newspapers who have named him and plastered his image all over the front pages, with headlines like
          39 DEAD IN HIS TRUCK

    2. Rosette of Sirius

      What?! He’s from Portadown and he’s not allowed to be Irish? Am I missing something?

    3. baz

      eh, Mo was not released, you see he had the unfortunate role in opening the rear door of a ‘sealed’ trailer at 1:30am in a quiet spot.

    1. worker

      whenever ya read of someone getting off insanely lightly it’s always judge martin nolan. he’s absolutely pathetic. sayin that guerin has no previous convictions should be enough to keep him unpunished .. so he’s happy to wait for him to attack a child before punishing him? nolan is also a scumbag.

  2. Cú Chulainn

    How in the name of all that is good is Guerian walking away from years behind bars. What was Nolan thinking. These are videos of children being raped. Absolute shame on him and 10 years for the the pedo.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      This particular judge has been giving, seemingly, very lenient sentences for this type of crime. Needs to be scrutinized as to why.

      1. Pip

        Is this like a charter for anyone to carry on like this, and get off?
        Maybe there could be a book that folk could go and sign, not unlike a book of condolences, but far more serious.

    2. Nigel

      And those aren’t victimless crimes, for feck’s sake, those videos are made because people like Guerin are in the market for them.

      1. V

        Those same links kept appearing in my time Iines yesterday
        Maybe the day before too
        Even though the original sourses are blocked
        They still manage to pollute and infest
        They’re like nits

        Although I doubt we’ll be getting a warning from the Principal to be on the watch out
        And treat etc

          1. ReproBertie

            What does “Cultural Enrichment” even mean? Is there some requirement on all Irish citizens with an ancestor from another country to tap in to that ancestor’s cultural heritage and somehow add it to Irish culture? Is there a growing market among the pro-life, Irish first brigade for a Gambian take on the Siege of Ennis?

          2. Gremil

            You realise that anybody signalling their virtue with “Refugees Welcome Here” are shilling for the bogus asylum seekers and their corporate enablers whilst supporting scenes like this in CityWest and the 39 deadpeople in Essex.

            If you build it (the welfare paradise for fake asylum seekers and rent seeking developers) they WILL come.

          3. ReproBertie

            I understand that the white supremacist movement reaches out to people who feel isolated and lonely. No doubt isolated lonely people struggle to understand compassion. Since you’re so concerned about Irish culture maybe support it by getting out to a trad session or a Pop Up Gaeltacht and mixing with actual people instead of soaking up the hate and division on social media.

          4. Brother Barnabas

            was your point, topsy, that theres a high level of anti social behaviour / criminality in balbriggan because of immigrants?

            I could point you to many, many places in ireland where’s theres far worse criminality and obnoxious behaviour despite them being overwhelmingly white Irish. so race isn’t the factor. invariably, its social exclusion and economic deprivation. that’s what causes problems – not race.

          5. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            sorry but Balbriggan had a bad rap way before it had any immigrants,
            the problem is more to do with the state of the place

          6. Ghost of Yep

            No, they’re not. We are no different from any other Western European country in that regard. The fear should not be migrants it should be the far right. When you dump way too many people in one place already without sufficient facilities people who see others like themselves band together. It’s very simple.

            The problem is not being able to talk about these problems without being called a bigot. That’s how you get an Afd. Worryingly, there is more anti-immigration support because these issues are not being openly talked about and tackled.

          7. Gremil

            So pointing out obvious fraud is now “white supremacy” is it?

            What that means is I’ve hit the nail on the head, you don’t have a vaild counter argument and so you’re reduced to lobbing pointless insults in order to try and scare people away from the truth.

            It’s attitudes like your that enable people smuggling and the deaths of people in the backs of lorries.

            you should be ashamed of yourself for enabling such a tragic business model – one that relies on death to keep the margins up.

          8. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            I think you’ll find most people we t to build better lives and work,
            you want to see fraud look at the natives, I can see five Irish households from where I’m sat who are not married so they can claim both their home and single mothers allowance while their partner does construction for cash

          9. V

            Ah here
            hinterland towns all over Ireland were bloodied battle fields every weekend
            for decades
            and the decades before that

            Lads off their heads on everything from potin to acid
            All day drinking going over night and into the mornings

            I’d say SuperMacs have some stories to tell
            Hayes definitely has

            and as for the build up and the aftermath of an El Carricko Sunday – feck what would give a briquette the shivers
            Tis gas how The National Party thought they could scare people in Tipp about anti-social behaviour

            If anyone has been to a Clare Club Championship match – at any level, they’ll know what I mean when I say; Millwall on tour

            And it’s not just outside the M50 either
            there is a type of Cross Road / short terrace here out the back of me
            Maybe 40 houses, max
            And its always been known as The Congo

            Every Parish and Community in Ireland has an unfriendly unsocial element within it
            Lads there going on like Balbriggan and its surrounds was crime free, thriving, blissful Fingal Paradise must think the voter is thick

            Likewise with Citywest / Kilnamangh West Tallaght / Newcastle – let me say this to those shoving around a video of a thug joyriding – The Embankment

            And I can tell ye from 25 years of South City living here in Dublin
            Its not immigrants that are throwing fireworks at cars and passers by, or roving around on bikes in groups of 10 or more at Luas Stops and 24 hour Garages etc,

            Nor are there any recent immigrants bringing their Children to school in pyjamas.

            There has been Tax Evasion, and all forms of Fraud, from Cheque Bouncing, codding the Ag man etc, False identity and funny payslips, Dodgie Licences, and every level of Larceny and Financial Blackmail in this Country since well before the foundation of the State.

            Lets talk about recent Kidnaps and Ransoms, and not just the Tiger ones either, before pointing the finger at anyone that doesn’t sound or look like me

          10. Gremil

            The company that owned the Essex truck (allegedly) is from Dublin.

            What’s the changes that someone in the trucking business might also have an interest in a Direct Provision Hotel?

            How many TD’s are related to / friends with someone in the Direct Provision Business and / or Trucking Industry?

            The state tells us they spend 1/2 a million a week on DP (of our money).

            You can be your arse it’s at least 3 times that.

            Fraud Boiys and Girleens – it’s stinks all over this.

          11. Janet, I ate my avatar

            those points are valid and highlight that the crime and corruption is native in origin on these counts

          12. kellyma

            I live in Balbriggan and i can say that my personal experience is that the majority of the nare do wells in the town are “home grown”…. The usual suspects you see of a Friday night having cans down by the river or doing the walking dead march from the train after their trip to the methodone clinic are as irish as they come. Every area has their seedy side and i can say that personally, i find living there no more unpleasant than when i lived in a nice D6 suburb. In fact, I love the beach and the castle and all the amazing tidy towns team they have out there. In fact I have experienced a lot less puke on the sidewalk as I did when i was in town (more students i guess…)

          13. V

            No Grem

            It’s Greed
            and the lack of Humanity or Decency when it comes to money and self enrichment

            and no better lads to rip their own off than the Paddys themselves

            And while I’m here, how many named and outed in the Ryan Report, The Flood and Moriarty Tribunals, the Charlton Tribunal were people that didn’t look and sound like me

            It wasn’t immigrants that drove and profited from the Lynch Tribunal or the Beef Tribunal
            Michael Noonan nor Terry Prone are immigrants btw

            How many dirty greasy paws are gripped around Rural Broadband and the NCH and the Bank Bailouting that don’t look like mine?

            The Magdelane Laundries, The Mother and Baby Homes and the Industrial Schools weren’t owned and controlled by immigrants

            Ireland for the Irish huh

            We’ve had enough of that

          14. ReproBertie

            “So pointing out obvious fraud is now “white supremacy” is it?”
            Demonstrating a lack of compassion is not pointing out obvious fraud.

            Hate helps nobody. Try to look beyond it.

          15. Ghost of Yep

            My point, if anyone missed it, is that not everyone will see the world as you do. These people should not be pandered to by any means but to ignore and ridicule makes them more emboldened. It’s been very clear across Europe what happens and now we are dealing with it is the same way. It’s going to get worse I fear and all the “ah sure it’s been going on anyway” does not help it.

          16. Janet, I ate my avatar

            what exactly happens across Europe ?!
            I have plenty of second and third generation mates who work their arses off and contribute to French society,
            your sweeping scare mongering comments are false, vague nonsense

          17. some old queen

            All of that is fine V & Janet but Achill? Seriously?

            What is the point of a very expensive tax paid legal asylum seeking process if at the end- those rejected are just politely asked to leave? And if they don’t- the applicants just carry on regardless? That is incompetence.

            You may not like hear this but NP/ACI are set to make gains next election because the DOJ are just not doing their job. And, when/if Brexit happens- it is going to get a hell of a lot worse.

          18. some old queen

            And while I am on this subject- it is not be the responsibility of the Workplace Relations Commission to determine the legal status of an employee within the agri industry.

          19. some old queen

            Just if I can make a point- the Achilles heel of NP et all in places like Carrickmacross is that the women need sheltered and protected- that they all somehow now need to walk around completely covered (although advisable in winter)- staring at the pavement.

            Kick boxing is now a thing- trust me- don’t fluck with the Monaghan women- I have the scars.

          20. V

            At no stage on this thread Shame’Oh
            Did I mention or allude to Direct Provision

            I’ve asked you before not to use my name or drag me into your own binges

            Stay TF away from me

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Well, I posted that video to show the type of crime on our streets, in full view, during daytime, and the lack of fear that criminals have in the city.
        It’s your good self that has brought racism into the equation.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            That would be an order then V? Some sort of BS police?
            Pull in your claws V.
            Do you accept what I wrote, and if not, what part don’t you accept!?

          2. V

            Oh calm dfd GeeGee
            I meant to hop back under the edit cap and missed it
            (The Spice bags arrived)

            Don’t post videos already in circulation and tagged by altrightous bigots perhaps?
            Was what I intended

            And btw
            I don’t give a shyTight what you come out with
            It’s not like I’m paying it any attention
            Or you’re making convincing arguments that are capable of influencing

            Like the rest of the people that shared that video GeeGee
            I leave ye at it

            Ye’re boring AF
            And bit sad tbh

          3. GiggidyGoo

            V. Resorting to the closeted bad language. Isn’t it great that it’s an out for you eh?
            You’re paying attention alright. Thing is though you’re unable to debate anything without resorting to attacking the poster, not the post.
            Your litany in your above posts is almost as long, and as boring as your cakie articles.
            But obviously you see nothing wrong with the criminality that the video shows, but jump upon the racist bandwagon (introduced by BB by the way). I’ve you well sussed.

          4. V

            You have me sussed alright
            Long and Boring

            So much so you seem to think I introduced the R word
            Nor did I say or allude at any stage on this thread that the criminality on display was any less
            Or more
            That what home grown thugs get up to

            I rarely engage in this stuff with you
            So stop trying to make me a regular antagonist
            And don’t try to put words in my month

            Pick another yarn to knit into an allegation or theory GeeGee
            Like I said to Shame’Oh
            Keep me out of your cage fights

            You know something
            You and Shame’Oh are so much alike

            Anyway NN, I’ve a gentleman that wants to run me a bath

          5. GiggidyGoo

            Good girl V. Rants ‘r Us?
            Sometimes it’s good to get off your high, pseudo-moralistic, horse.
            I didn’t accuse you of introducing the R word. But you were quick enough to jump on the bandwagon of posters that seem to be tunnel-visioned to the thought that anything they don’t want to discuss is racist.
            You entered the ‘cage’ as you put it, as your own choice, with your attempt to order someone here to do/not do whatever you want. If you don’t like a reply, you go into attack mode, intentionally misspelling swear words to try consolidate some type of argument.
            Maybe you should take a break?

        1. GiggidyGoo

          SOQ. Please elaborate. What I saw in that video was, as you put it, a criminal pup alright. Or would you be referring to me as a pup? Eh? If you are, well why not just say it directly – dahling?

          1. some old queen

            I say a pup is a pup- the only reason this was hyped was because some of the participants were black.

            Now I have somewhat an insight into the first generation Irish/Nigerian and yes there is an anger within some of the young men- they won’t put up with the same poo as their fathers- and why should they?

            I am not suggesting group hugs and camomile tea and yes, in some cases they bloody well need to grow up but- picking on every incident involving a black young fella as evidence that multiculturalism doesn’t work IS, without doubt, racism.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            But again, racism was brought into it by BB. Not me.
            But what happened in that video you think is hyped? I take it as face value, and not black/white. It was a disgusting display. Had the people involved been white and the video posted, I’d have linked that as quick as this one.

            And you mention “picking on every incident involving a black young fella as evidence that multiculturalism doesn’t work IS, without doubt, racism.”. I take it you’re referring to a particular section ‘Far Right / left’ or whatever. Well, as V says it is has existed in this country for decades at least. So picking only on a black section would be racism.

        2. Ghost of Yep

          @ giggidy

          You didn’t post it as a random example. Own what you are posting or don’t post it at all. If you’re trolling, fine. Just don’t think you are part of a greater good because you poke the perceived other side of the debate.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            It was an example of the criminality that is festering in Dublin. The sheer brutality of it, and the audacity to do it in full view of people at a shopping centre in daytime showing the disrespect the criminal population in this country have for law and order.
            Did it not upset you? Or are you one of the rabble who label something like this that is brought to your attention as racist?
            BB brought the racism in (i didn’t mention colour)
            Janet’s contribution was ‘rigggggt’
            V’s contribution was an order/instruction
            SOQs was the usual loaded personal attack
            And yours? Many assumptions. No arguments on the content of what i wrote in reply to BB.

          2. Ghost of Yep

            My “assumptions” are based on your past and current postings. What other people here have said to you has no bearing on my comment. Do you have an issue with our immigration policy?

            The video from that particular account seemed to me like you were trying to make a point about a specific topic. If it was purely to highlight criminality in daylight then I would say welcome to the digital age.

            It’s really nothing new. Just that we now get to see it. That’s it really.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Yep. That post is pretty much all over the shop.
            May i quote a line from you above?
            “The problem is not being able to talk about these problems without being called a bigot”
            Just replace the word “bigot” with “racist” and apply your thought process to this part of the discussion.

          4. Ghost of Yep

            Are you looking for an apology? You may not answer that question like you’ve ignored my last one. If I may, please highlight any assertion that you are racist or bigoted.

            I’ve explained as carefully as I can my last response.

            These things happen. It’s not comfortable viewing by any means but to expect the Garda to stop a crime before it happens is somewhat ridiculous. I’m sure you would agree.

          5. GiggidyGoo

            You’re trying to divert the conversation from the nub of the matter which is the criminality. I didn’t bring racism into the conversation. Maybe direct your question about immigration policy to BB who brought it up? Me, I’ll answer that question when it is in context of an article about it.
            Why would I want an apology – have you something to apologize for?
            Where did I say anything about Gardai stopping a crime before it happens?.
            You seem to have a problem in the assumption department.

          6. Ghost of Yep

            Buddy, I’ve addressed the matter of the criminality twice. Again, I’ll hold my internet hands up and say I read your posting as making a comment about a different issue.

            Yes, crime is bad. The brazen nature of this act is nothing new though. We all square now?

  3. Lurch

    If you think driving an electric vehicle in Ireland will be better for the environment, think again.
    Fine Gael are hell bent on tieing Irelands energy supply to American fracked gas for 30-50 years and using Ireland as a base to export this toxic fuel to Europe. Their support for this fracked gas plant was confirmed yesterday despite several other countries scrapping similar projects due to the extremely negative environmental impacts.
    This fuel has 44% higher emissions than coal.
    An electric car in Ireland will produce up to double the emissions of other cars on the road thanks to this Fine Gael policy.
    Incredibly no environmental or sustainability assessment was done for this project.



    1. Gremil

      The greenies are why we won’t be allowed nice things.

      Also, the greenies – let’s import “MOAR DIVERSITY”.

      1 million by 2040 is it? What’s the carbon budget on that particular policy?

      1. Lurch

        Clean renewable energy is a very nice thing.

        Fine Gaels cancer causing, toxic, emissions intensive fracked gas is certainly not.

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      one of the biggest strains on the environment is the meat industry, fix that and you could keep your diesels

  4. Jimbo

    Pity poor Gerry Thornley in the Irish Times.
    Like so many sports reporters embedded with the teams they write on he daren’t bite the hand that feeds him.
    So he dumps on a former Leinster great for having the temerity to criticise Joe Schmidt and Ireland’s disastrsous RWC campaign.
    Seems the comments from readers below the line have figure out his brown-nosing too …


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