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  1. Catherine costelloe

    “……some people in this country peddle far right ideology and may be happy that fewer than 39 immigrants will be coming to Ireland ” says SF, Martin Kenny.
    What an appalling statement on the tragic , cruel fate of the Chinese nationals.

    1. Gremil

      Funny how all these lefties get “death-threats” when the public mood rejects their hand-me-down NGO talking points.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        And if they are sent text messages, then the senders mobile number would come up
        and should be easy enough to trace and sue.

    2. some old queen

      If there is one good thing to come out of that horrible event it is that there is a very lucrative trafficking industry which needs to be shut down double quick.

      Something Mr Martin might consider before taking cheap shots or maybe tackling smugglers in such a direct manner might be a little too close to the bone?

      1. Pip

        See today’s Times (of London) – police failed to act despite all sorts of tales of derring-do around the docks in question. What the fupp…. It shouldn’t always require tragedy to get them out of the car.

  2. Kingfisher

    People will run from countries where they face starvation, hopelessness, torture or death. This was the case in Ireland more than once in our history. Decent people held out their hands to help our people. Were they wrong? Should they have left us to drown because criminals were profiting from our distress?

        1. Fluffybiscuits

          Thats a pure myth about asylum seekers and welfare. DSP have habitual residency requirements. All they get is a meagre €30 per week which is for toiletries, clothes etc. Iee should be directed at the banks, the white collar criminals etc

          1. Gremil

            The welfare is for the corporate entities that provide DP. 1/2 million a week allegedly.

            Not to mention all the ‘legal’ fees.

            Besides – you don’t know what fairy tales the traffickers spin to their potential customers: Free accommodation, food and spending money may seem like a good deal to some. Plus an apparent guarantee you won’t be deported…

          2. some old queen

            I wasn’t referring to asylum seekers Fluffs just general immigration- but when it comes to resentment as to how local communities are changing- one definitely builds on the other.

            On that subject, there are people making big bucks out of the asylum industry. The appeal processes needs to be speeded up and those who have failed the second time should be deported. And, the DOJ needs to start working with local communities rather than feeding into the far right narrative and giving them oxygen.

            But above all- serious questions need to be answered as to how these people are getting here.

        2. some old queen

          Soz no glasses- and speaking os such- time some took the rose tinted ones off.

          The Irish, in the main, went to English speaking countries with relatively similar cultures. Where required, they travelled on Visas. While a small percentage are still undocumented- there was and is not the same integration problems.

          The world is becoming a smaller place now and people travellers need to be caught and prosecuted- before more lives are lost.

  3. Jimbo

    I see in the Daily Star that Lily has sorted Brexit.
    I do hope it was a hard one with a consent mechanism that didn’t require a withdrawal agreement.

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