Meanwhile, In Strasbourg


Gavan Reilly tweetz:

Meanwhile: the European Parliament has rejected a resolution asking member states to step up search-and-rescue for refugees in the Mediterranean.

Fine Gael’s four MEPs voted against; it lost by two.

Watch the vote result emerge – to applause – here

MEPs reject migrant rescue resolution (EU Observer)

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Into Harm’s Way


Green Party MEP Grace O’Sullivan has tweeted:

Sad, sad day for me. An MEP vote around supporting the rescue of drowning migrants in the Mediterranean has been defeated.

How did the Irish MEPs vote?

Myself + Ciarán Cuffe voted for the motion…along Anderson, Carthy, Flanagan and Wallace.


I do not think FG was motivated by racism, heartlessness or anything like it.

Their group argued that rescue efforts act as a ‘pull factor’.

We in @GreensEFA do not agree, but we need to work together on a better outcome for those affected. Hateful language has no place in this.

11 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Strasbourg

  1. Kevin Doyle

    Fortress Europe.

    Don’t these people know we’re paying Lybian warlords and criminals to keep refugees in concentration camps at sub-Dachau levels on inhumanity for us. Not to mention Erodgan’s recent threat to flood Europe with the 3million refugees he is keeping for us.

    God. Inform yourselves.

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