Clearwater Runs Dry


Last night.

Finglas, Dublin 11

Empty shelves after much of the bottled water was bought from Tesco Clearwater as over 600,000 consumers await an updated from Irish Water.

To wit:

Irish Water cannot confirm how long the boil water notice will remain in force in parts of Dublin, Kildare and Meath but stressed that public safety remains the priority.

Irish Water says the areas affected include: Artane, Ashtown, Balbriggan, Baldoyle, Ballyboghill, Celbridge, Clonee, Clonsilla, Coolock, Coolquoy, Corduff, Darndale, Donabate, Dunboyne, Finglas, Garristown, Glasnevin, Howth, Kilbarrack, Kilclone, Killester, Kinsaley, Leixlip, Lusk, Malahide, Maynooth, Naul, Palmerstown, Poppintree, Ronanstown, Rush, Skerries, St Margaret’s, Straffan, Sutton and Swords.

Yvonne Harris, Head of Customer Operations at Irish Water said the HSE will ultimately make a decision based on EPA findings of water samples


Boil notice remains for parts of Dublin, Kildare and Meath (RTE)



All better.

23 thoughts on “Clearwater Runs Dry

  1. thefatlad

    They say that those are the only areas effected but then their “interactive” map shows much greater areas. My neck of the woods (Cabra/Phibsboro) is on the map and we can’t get a straight answer out of IW.
    Do we roll the dice and drink the water???

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      I wouldn’t chance it. All our lot in Phibs had sore tummies on Tuesday.
      But yes, clowns, and not just for this reason!
      By my calculation, 600,000 boiling their drinking water for 5 days = ~1.21 gigawatts.
      That’s enough wasted power to have sent and individual (P Hogan?) back to 1955!

      1. Cian

        heating 1L of water from, say 20 to 100 is about 0.1kWh.
        4L per person per day, for 5 days = 1,200,000kWhr or 1200 MWh or 1.2GWhr


  2. Janet, I ate my avatar

    realistically the water always has e coli in it, do yourself a favor always boil and filter drinking water

    1. george

      Yes, of course. We’ve not been doing that all our lives without any issue but it is obviously something we all need to do.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        you got lucky, they don’t advertise it but Beaumont is full of folks with it and it’s antibiotic resistant

      2. Janet, I ate my avatar

        tbh it’s in most people’s systems, it becomes a problem if you get other health issues particularly anything with the gut/ kidneys, the problem is the rise of the antibiotic resistance,
        bottom line the water is not up to scratch at the best of times

        1. some old queen

          No- the problem is that the national filtering systems are not up to scratch- full stop.

          There is no such thing as ‘clean’ water but just like sticking 6-8 immigrants who can’t speak a common language in a room while being fed bread and chips above a restaurant- there is money to be made.

          1. some old queen

            Go Janet- boil filter or just install a decent clean system- about 2 grand

            Now back to Banty and NAMA.

  3. Edith Carafe

    This is an issue affecting 13% of the entire population of Ireland. What an absolute shambles.

    The environmental impact of all this panic buying of bottled water in a country that has virtually no policies on single use plastics and recycling (viz downcycling) that is not even worth talking about.

    I just give up.

  4. Tea And Brexits

    Running the Dublin Marathon on Sunday – can’t drink the water out of the tap, don’t want to drink the sponsored Celtic Pure bottled water in case of arsenic. Is there water in Donnybrook Fair on the Southside I can buy still?

  5. Truth in the News

    As an aside to the boil water electricity consumption costs, how much are Irish
    Water paying the ESB for the extraction of water from the Liffey System in
    comparison to Messrs Guinness…….?

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