The votes are in.

Last Friday, with two bank holiday vouchers each worth a princely 25 to giveaway, I asked for YOUR favourite song about travelling (by bus, plane, car, train, on foot etc) and why.

You entered in your dozens.

But there could be only two winners:

Runner up:

Anna Kendrick – Cups

Slightly Bemused writes:

Not my favourite travelling song, but one that really means a lot to me. The film  – Pitch Perfect (2012) came out at the right time and when we got together, this is the only song so far I have sung with my daughter. She kept correcting me on how it is sung (I cannot sing, so a hopeless act), but still she would sing it with me. As we drove between where she and her mom live and her grandparents she attempted to correct me. One of my favourite road trips with her, although they all were. Corny and all as it is, I love it. I give you the much maligned, but in my heart loved, Cups song by Anna Kendrick…

Winner #1:

Magnetic Fields – Born On A Train

Aidan Curran writes:

Born on a Train’ by the Magnetic Fields, reminding me of a long delayed train to Dublin that finally arrived at Heuston late into the dead of night, after most of us passengers had gone through the Seven Ages of Man during the trip.

Winner #2:

Terry Callier – 900 Miles

F_Lawless writes:

Terry Callier’s soulful voice really commands attention in this 1964 version of the traditional US folk song “900 Miles” The lonely traveller on the way home  (Dion does a great version too)…

Thanks all.

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5 thoughts on “Driven By You

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Hi V: Anna Kendrick said she spent far too many hours watching Lulu do this on YouTube, and it merely is the version I picked because of the connection with my daughter. Apparently the clip was not supposed to be in the film (Pitch Perfect, for those wondering) but the director heard she could do it and insisted.

    I think The Carter Family (of the June Carter who married Johnny Cash) did the original recording, I do not know who wrote it

    But I agree, the real winners are two fantastic songs and well deserving!.

    I had a great weekend listening to as many of the entries as I could fit in!

    1. V


      Although I can’t be sure it was the Carter family but it’s definitely a version of an old trad tune that would’ve travelled through the Smokey Mountain/ Southern Appalachian Trad and Folk musicians – most of which can find their origins from the Irish that settled there to work in the mines

      Btw the teenager used to do a fairly decent version herself

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