“This Is About A Very Small Number Of Fine Gael Ministers Wanting To Get Out Of Their Current Job”


Fianna Fáil TD MIcheal McGrath

“This is about a very small number of Fine Gael ministers wanting to get out of their current job because they’re…they’re not delivering in the areas of health, in particular, and housing.

“And let’s be honest, this is what this is about.”

“And they might see some narrow party political advantage to having an election before Christmas, or indeed a narrow personal political interest.

“It is not in the country’s interest…”

Fianna Fáil TD MIcheal McGrath speaking on RTÉ’s Today with Seán O’Rourke this morning.

Listen back in full here

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7 thoughts on ““This Is About A Very Small Number Of Fine Gael Ministers Wanting To Get Out Of Their Current Job”

  1. Liam Deliverance

    Michael Mc Grath, if FF are a minority party again will they be looking to continue the Confidence and Supply Agreement with FG if they are in a position to do so?

    I would like to hear this question being asked regularly of FF politicians, especially Michael Martin, if we are facing another farcical GE.

  2. Gabby

    We’re getting lots of electioneering talk and mudslinging nowadays from FF & FG. Supporters of smaller parties have been getting in on the act too. Issues, issues, mud, mud, mud. Some basic issues get clouded out in the dustup. That’s another point of the game.

    1. Liam Deliverance

      One of the many problems with calling a GE is that the parties ignore (more than normal) the many issues facing the country and instead focus the majority of their limited attention on winning an election and getting or keeping the head in the trough. Elected officials – ministers, td’s, councillors – should not be allowed to abandon their brief. Like I said, a complete farce. When the GE is over, after all the promises, all the waffle, all the mud slinging, all the kite flying, all the posters, all the debates, all the expense and we have a new cabinet we are for the most part no better off – different ministers but same combo of incompetence and inaction. Reset the 5 year clock and the circus resumes it’s sh** show.

      1. Cian

        I would agree with most of this.

        Do you have a suggestion on a better solution than elections every 5 years?

        The US Senate elects their members for a 6-year term, but the terms are staggered so that approximately one-third of the seats are up for election every two years…so there is always 2/3 of them working.

      2. Gabby

        Once every four or five years the voters are free during three weeks of flimflam electioneering. Then voters go to the polling stations and surrender their freedom for another four years. It’s a democratic game. And life’s a constant game, but not flimflam.

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