‘Final Warning’


Kevin Lunney

Following the abduction and torture of Quinn Industrial Holdings’ chief operations officer Kevin Lunney last month…

RTÉ reports:

The CEO of Quinn Industrial Holdings has said the latest threats against its directors are “being taken very seriously at the highest level”.

Liam McCaffrey said the PSNI and gardaí are monitoring the homes and place of work of QIH’s directors.

The threat, delivered to the Irish News, was conveyed to Quinn directors by gardaí.

In the letter, which was typed and delivered to the Irish News on Monday, QIH directors were told that it was their final warning.

Threats being taken seriously at highest level – QIH chief Liam McCaffrey (RTÉ)

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9 thoughts on “‘Final Warning’

  1. dav

    Any theories on what’s going on here?
    Mine own are:
    1. there was paid protection to the local ‘ra heads that continued past the GFA and ended when Quinn gambled away his business.
    2. local ‘ra heads laundered money and this was all lost when Quinn gambled away his business

  2. A Person

    Ask MOF for his considered opinion. It is the shinners. It seems that their human trafficking has also been caught.

    1. Man On Fire

      Mo Robinson was a DUP/UDA supporter.

      Not a shinner.

      Is there any FG talking point A Person won’t slavishly parrot?

  3. A Person

    Really, where is your proof / sources of that? How come you can’t answer a single question about the intimidation of the Quinn executives (I’ll take a guess, they are cowardly shinners)? How on earth is this article about FG.

    1. Man On Fire

      Where’s your proof any of your above insinuations have anything to do with SF?

      Mo Robinson is a professed english man, who openly supports the DUP and the UDA, if you had bothered to check before squealing shinners because it’s the North you would see that.

      But no, FG talking points all the way.

      1. A Person

        Where is your source? The shinners have been smuggling for years, cash, fuel, guns, people.

        Why no comment on the Quinn attacks?

        Instead track me, rather than answer the issues. Coward.

        1. Man On Fire

          “Instead track me..”

          Wow forgive me for calling out bs.

          Get over yourself.

          You haven’t asked me a question yet.

          So rather than chuck out smears, ask a question..

          And you haven’t provided a shred of evidence that the shinners are involved in the above incident or the human trafficking.

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