The new ‘re-imagined’ Nokia 2720 Flip

This afternoon.

The classic 90s flip phone is back.


Tara Walsh writes:

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announces that the Nokia 2720 Flip is now available to buy from Carphone Warehouse, Powercity and Harvey Norman from €109.

A classic flip reimagined for today’s connected user, the Nokia 2720 is compact and tactile but transformed in usability thanks to the integrated AI technology. The device features a familiar flip-phone design, combining simplicity and reliability in a durable device.

comes with WhatsApp and Facebook to make sure you’re connected to what matters, while having the Google Assistant1 just a button-push away meaning consumers can get more done with their voice.

Any excuse

Nokia Phones (HMD Global)

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3 thoughts on “Wassup?

  1. millie vanilly strikes again

    There are few things more satisfying than the click of a flip phone as you snap it shut

  2. class wario

    Have they not tried to do this (or at least some retro phone models) already over the past few years?

    Seems like a thing loads of people of a certain vintage get all gooey eyed and nostalgic about but, in reality, have no actual interest in purchasing ahead of whatever new 1k plus super high tech smartphone they can get instead.

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