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The new ‘re-imagined’ Nokia 2720 Flip

This afternoon.

The classic 90s flip phone is back.


Tara Walsh writes:

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announces that the Nokia 2720 Flip is now available to buy from Carphone Warehouse, Powercity and Harvey Norman from €109.

A classic flip reimagined for today’s connected user, the Nokia 2720 is compact and tactile but transformed in usability thanks to the integrated AI technology. The device features a familiar flip-phone design, combining simplicity and reliability in a durable device.

comes with WhatsApp and Facebook to make sure you’re connected to what matters, while having the Google Assistant1 just a button-push away meaning consumers can get more done with their voice.

Any excuse

Nokia Phones (HMD Global)


Reflection of the camera crew @ 34 seconds

The opening segment of one particular ad showed a young man and woman riding bikes, designed to show off the capabilities of Nokia’s optical image stabilization (OIS). However, we noticed a reflection that revealed the footage wasn’t shot on a Lumia 920, but a regular camera inside a white van.


Nokia Issues Full Apology For Faked Lumia PureView Ad, Provides Real Footage (Verge)

Thanks Lars Biscuits

Remember how, just the other day, Apple’s Siri iPhone PA was suggesting that the Nokia Lumia 900 was the world’s best smartphone?

Alas, the joke is over. If you ask the same question now, you’ll be met with a response like “You’re kidding, right?” or “The one you’re holding.” The Gearburn editor tried it out — Siri refused to name a phone or brand, preferring instead to mock our question, even when we varied the words slightly. The change in Siri’s tune has made Nokia quite upset — they’ve accused Apple of tampering with the results to cover up the fact that their own phone ‘preferred’ a Lumia.

Siri changes its mind on ‘the best smartphone ever’, Nokia isn’t impressed (memeburn)

(Hat tip: John Gallen)

Nokia is looking to gussie up its iconic (read ‘played-out’) default ringtone by crowdsourcing for free ideas:

Nokia Tune is one of world’s most recognized audio brand assets and is estimated to be heard over one billion times a day. Nokia is launching a global crowdsourcing campaign to find a fresh version of the Nokia Tune. This is the first time Nokia is inviting people to work with the iconic tune with the winning tune to be placed next to the standard Nokia Tune in a selection of the company 2012 product portfolio. The tune should be fresh, expressive, original, creative yet distinctively a Nokia Tune. All collaborations are welcome.

Well, you gets what you pays for.

Have a listen to ‘The Great Marvellous’ – the most liked variant to date.

Laugh now. Hear it everywhere for the next four years.