Meanwhile, In Glasnevin


Gavan Reilly tweetz:

I guess the Botanic Gardens are becoming the Boo-tanic G-arrrrrgh!-dens today.



Helen O’Rahilly tweetz:

The Halloween ‘5 saucer’ game was a terryfying part of my 70s Irish childhood – the wedding ring, the soil, the cloth, the water, the coin. Modern version? – A pile of Pyrite, a Tracker mortgage cert, Jobpath entry form, Dublin rental agreement, Iona Institute membership. Scary!


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4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Glasnevin

  1. Paulus

    Was the “victim” blindfolded, spun around and then had to dip their finger into a random saucer to foretell their future?

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Until this day I never heard of the 5 saucers game! Admittedly, I never read much Joyce, either. I admit to starting Ulysses, but I never finished the first chapter before my ‘this guy is a pretentious git’ reflex kicked in.

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