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Gavan Reilly tweetz:

I guess the Botanic Gardens are becoming the Boo-tanic G-arrrrrgh!-dens today.



Helen O’Rahilly tweetz:

The Halloween ‘5 saucer’ game was a terryfying part of my 70s Irish childhood – the wedding ring, the soil, the cloth, the water, the coin. Modern version? – A pile of Pyrite, a Tracker mortgage cert, Jobpath entry form, Dublin rental agreement, Iona Institute membership. Scary!


This morning.

At the Botanic Gardens in Dublin.

Artist Rajinder Singh unveiled his project called ‘Un-migrant-ing’.

He writes on Instagram:

“The art project is an umbrella for my practice-led inquiries into questions of migrants in nature, in Ireland.

“The project begins with the premise that Ireland is a bountiful bird feeder full of free and accessible food and it is being invaded and taken advantage of by migrant birds. What if these visitors are no longer welcome?

Each of the ten parts of the commission at the Botanic Gardens is an open-prison birdhouse named after the ten worst Direct Provision centres in Ireland.

“We have many migrant birds in Ireland, many of which make arduous journeys across oceans to get here. They are welcomed with open arms. What if we didn’t want them anymore!

“We need to build shelters where they can be isolated away to protect the local fauna and flora.

“I wanted to install an installation at a local, conservative park area in Dublin which has almost a million visitors a year. Many who came to talk to me while I was installing did not know about the direct provision system. This will be a chance for them to find out.

“Thanks to Lucky Khambule and Bulelani Mfaco.”

Rajinder Singh (Unprimed)

Botanic Gardens

This morning.

Kilmacurragh, County Wicklow

Britain’s Prince of Wales visited the National Botanic Gardens where he planted a tree and encountered Fine Gael TD Andrew Doyle (above centre) and Independent Alliance TD Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran (above right) on the second day of his visit to Ireland.

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Gerry Mooney/DFA Pool

Details of the Ornate Greenhouses at the Botanic Gardens, Dublin


Inside the Ornate Greenhouses with lots of plants at the Botanic Gardens, Dublin

Inside the Ornate Greenhouses with lots of plants at the Botanic Gardens, Dublin

Like a little Kew and not too far from de Azoo. To wit:

Located just 3 km from Dublin city centre, the National Botanic Gardens are an oasis of calm and beauty, and what’s great is that entry is completely free. The gardens are a scientific institution, the grounds also features the National Herbarium and several historic wrought iron ornate glasshouses. 

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Glasnevin Museum writes:

“We are delighted to announce the gateway between Glasnevin Cemetery and the National Botanic Gardens is now open.”

According to the museum, the move makes it the second largest green space in Dublin.


The Botanic Gardens covers 50 acres and is home to over 17,000 different plants.

Glasnevin Museum and Glasnevin Trust