While You Were Sleeping


Last night.

Dublin Fire Brigade firefighters were called out to 230 incidents between 4pm and 6am.

These included fires at (from top) Malahide, Ballymun, Darndale, Kildare (pic 4 and 5) and Fortunestown.

Greg O’Dwyer, assistant chief fire officer at Dublin Fire Brigade, told Morning Ireland earlier today that there were also 298 ambulance call-outs overnight.

He said this was a decrease in incidents compared to previous years and said no firefighter suffered any injury last night.

However, he said, throughout the city, attempts were made to stop the firefighters from entering some estates.

He said at the entrances to some estates, they found that either cars had been driven into fires or set alight or bonfire material was set alight.


Listen back in full here

Pics: Dublin Fire Brigade

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9 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping

  1. scundered

    Why the fupp can we still not get tough on this kind of crap? It’s beyond ridiculous that this is even tolerated for a second

    1. Dr.Fart

      the guards are weak and scared. they only get tough when they’re hoofin old ladies out of their houses or walking the beat in the plushest and safest streets in the outskirts of south county dublin. i saw a dude literally aiming and firing rockets at a garda car, and they sped off. what does that tell the perpetrator? it tells him he can do whatever he wants. useless.

      1. Tea And Brexits

        The Guards? What about parental or personal responsibility. Or getting it into your head that behaving like a complete c-word with bangers is not cool.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    The scumbags that creep out of their dole beds on Halloween night to wreak havoc would scare off the undead.

  3. Nullzero

    A house in Citywest Village (on fortunestown Road) is a paltry €350000, and you get free front row seats to this type of carnage for life.

  4. Lord Muck

    Put the army on the streets and give teenage criminals a short, sharp shock that they won’t forget.

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