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  1. Clampers Outside

    Go Katie! :)

    “Katie Taylor now holds the WBA, WBO, IBF, WBC and The Ring lightweight belts, as well as the WBO super lightweight belt.” …World champ in two weights!

    1. :-Joe

      A great win with a very clever, well executed strategy. – Like a mongoose defeating a cobra…

      Medusa was frozen out stone-cold with frustration dealing with her speed and timing.


    1. Cú Chulainn

      boxing has been fixed since before the first punch was thrown.. so is insurance.. I’m not being a tosser.. just.. it means nothing..

      1. Lilly

        How can they fix it? Would that not require cooperation from both participants? As it is, Taylor’s opponent is calling her a fake. Why would boxers get in the ring at all if they suspect the outcome has been pre-determined?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      He must have been reading Eoins contributions here. Or else he realizes that FG have a big problem now with public opinion. Or else he’s now Alt Right.

      Finally, too, a MSM Newspaper has the guts to report on Flanagan’s pet, Brandon Array. Of course, a lot of the facts / quotations have been left out, and somehow it’s the Alt Right why have brought about his downfall. Half baked reporting, but nevertheless ground has been broken.


  2. some old queen

    Mary McAleese pulled no punches in Trinity yesterday.

    Of living in Rome she said – “The number of fake hetero, misogynistic, homophobic” gay people she met there frightened her, “because the homophobia of people who are gay is a lie. It’s a vicious lie, but they live it and in the living of it they make others, apart from making themselves, miserable.”

    On Bishop of Waterford and Lismore Phonsie Cullinan denouncing yoga- ‘Ah, seriously Bishop Phonsie?’ Yoga? A bunch of old ladies in lycra with rolled-up mats trying to get their muscles working again? I mean, just give them a break for God’s sake!”

    Go Mary- LOL.


    1. Lilly

      Are you her PA or just a fan boy hanging on her every word? Her interpretation of yoga is ageist, sexist and not remotely funny. She could use a few sessions on the mat herself.

      1. some old queen

        Yes I am a fan actually- she was the hardest working president of our times and a damn sight better than the current- she would have walked a third term if it had to have been allowed.

        1. Cathal

          She’s like the batty old auntie you have to tolerate when she visits at Christmas. Everybody’s wrong but her. She’s had her limelight ,time to f-off

          1. Paulus

            Anyone who devotes a substantial period of time to studying “Canon Law” needs their head felt.

          2. Cú Chulainn

            If she wanted to do something she’d start a reformation. But she won’t. She’s brainwashed. Her husband is worse. Society has left the RC church behind, and she’s needs to join that exodus instead of beating her head against the hierarchy wall.

          3. some old queen

            Your views on the hanging of seminal beings by the back feet then having have their throats cuts while screaming is?

            Pretty sure I know what Mary McAlesee’s views are.

            There is no reason why Muslims MUST eat Halal- the sharia principle of necessity- likewise dress. Anyone want to step up and argue this?

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Herself and himself are serial public purse teat suckers. Not taking away from her time as president.
            Wouldn’t you think enough public purse has been endowed on her (them) at this stage?

          5. Rob_G

            She has the job because she was elected to it. Her first job in university administration was over 40 years’ ago, so I guess they thought that she had enough relevant experience.

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