22 thoughts on “Monday’s Papers

  1. :-Joe

    Tory-graph Health On Monday, “farage could ruin brexit”.

    Are they exclaiming that as positive or negative to people’s health?..
    – If only…

  2. GiggidyGoo

    So, soundbite Varadkar splutters out something about Albania and Georgia. Something something something immigrant.
    And at the same time he rubber stamps the return of our very own ISIS yoke, putting members of our defense forces into the firing line and risking their lives to do so. To what end? Training terrorists? An appearance on the Late Late? An expert adviser?
    What DP centre will she go to?
    Will the ‘Justice Minister’ arrange a photo shoot with her so that he can express his joy and support for her, or will he spring 400 meters with his best buddy, Brandon Array?

    1. Rob_G

      She’s an Irish citizen, we have to take her back. Leo can’t decide people are guilty by fiat – I would have thought that this would reassure you, given as you don’t seem to especially like the man.

      1. martco

        sending in an Army Ranger unit to do it?

        must say I’m looking forwards to more army deployments whenever an Irish Citizen gets themselves into bother on foreign soil, wha?

        (and we can’t even catch the c___s that maimed Kevin Lunney in the Cavan badlands?)


        1. Rob_G

          Again, Leo Varadkar doesn’t personally get to decide who is innocent and guilty, nor over which Irish citizens are permitted to live in the state.

          Given how much you object to his policies, I’m surprised that you are in favour of him having dictatorial, extra-judicial powers.

    2. V

      Rubber Stamp what exactly

      She’s an Irish Citizen
      With the same entitlements and rights as yerself and meself

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Same way as he will rubber stamp the nomination or non-nomination of Maria Bailey.
        This woman is a terrorist. If she makes her own way to Ireland then she should be incarcerated and questioned to the satisfaction of the authorities. But she made her terrorist choice and her return should not be facilitated to bring that to Ireland by Varadkar and + Co.

          1. martco

            nasty? no just factual George.
            I bear no malice, pointing something out that’s there isn’t nasty. I doubt she’d be too thrilled with it herself.

      1. Rob_G

        Lots of Irish people can’t wear red on account of their skin-tone

        (indeed, I am one of them, according to a non-Irish former flame)

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