TAA Very Much


 Dublin Institute of Technology lecturer, journalist, FOI sleuth and founder of investigative news site Noteworthy and Right To Know, Ken Foxe tweetz:

“Here’s another unusual ‘quirk’ from the ‘clock-in’ system for TDs & Senators. Even though they’ve only to record attendance for 120 days a year, they get paid for 150 overnights.”


Related: Why do TDs living a relatively short drive from work in commuter towns get €15,000-a-year in “accommodation” expenses? (Ken Foxe, 2016)

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6 thoughts on “TAA Very Much

      1. V

        I’m tempted Scottie

        I’m not going to lie
        I always had an inkling for the Seanad,
        and while I’ve been giving a number of options a bit of thought lately, I still think the Seanad is the place for me tbh

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