19 thoughts on “What You’ll Be Wearing Next Season

  1. some old queen

    Little known fact- despite all the outrage Vivienne Westwood generates, she makes most of her money from business suits and club wear t shirts- beautifully tailored suits btw so grabbing headlines pays.

  2. Captain Pants

    I’d like to see one of those boys try to storm a machine gun nest at Normandy. Hell the Chinese might as well walk in and eat our breakfast for us. Country’s going straight to hell.

  3. baz

    do the designers give the male models a free purse to place their freshly removed testicles in?

    or is a man sized bag required so they can fit their dignity in too?

    1. Conor

      Where do you keep yours?
      Your sense of personal masculinity seems very threatened by a fashion show – your own clackders must have detached years ago for you to be such a little wagon

  4. Pat

    Eh Bodger lots of these have been knocking around the internet for YEARS. I think I saw the guy with the mouth retainer thing on here a few years back!

    Not really ‘Spring/Summer 2020’ is it?

      1. Pat

        no idea Bert but a lot of these I’ve seen before! Not saying they’re not funny just that Bodger shouldn’t be letting on they’re spring summer 2020

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