Slightly Bemused writes:

I thought this might be of longer term interest. Given the current boil water notice in Kildare where drinking the water may cause stomach problems, I found it amusing to get this letter in my door today where they are looking to fix the sewerage network in my town. While this work does need to be done, the timing is very funny.

To be fair, it is good to see that they are addressing the known problems. But it also means that just as I got my back garden under control after the last time they dug it up, it is likely to be dug up again…

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13 thoughts on “But It Pours

  1. ____

    A project like that has been up and running for a while to get to that stage.
    I’m sure the exact timing is just a coincidence

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Oh I agree. They have had teams doing surface level investigations for a while. I just found the definitely coincidental timing funny, that’s all :-)

    2. some old queen

      Irish Water have employed a group of communications people who discuss more out the smoking area than all meetings combined- and they are good at it but- Irish Water is not, and never will be, responsible for the absolute mess of the Irish water network and its cleaning plants.

      Step up Micheál Martin?

      1. ____

        Well yeah, we don’t spend enough on infrastructure but the root cause is that we’ve only had money for 20 years but have been poor for centuries – that’s a lot of catching up to do.

  2. A Person

    You do realise that drinking water and sewage are different, surely? Completely different systems, networks, outputs etc?

      1. A Person

        It’s called being educated. You don’t necessarily have to be so, to be a truck driver or a shinner. Good to see you back MOF, any real “educated reply” on the Lunney torture or the deaths in Essex

        1. Man On Fire

          No it’s not, in your case it’s called being biased.

          An educated reply to the QIH situation would be that the individuals who the psni are seeking and who have already charged are British professed UDA/DUP supporters, not shinners.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    How many ‘working on behalf of Irish Water’ references’?
    Apart from being a billing office, what actual physical work does IW actually do that the councils and contractors were doing prior to the attempt to gift the resource to Dinny?

  4. A Person

    Really, that’s the worst case of spin ever. People smugglers – authorities seek 2 brothers from Monaghan called Murphy (UDA really?). Lunney – main suspect who issued the death warning has been identified by locals as a shinner (not UDA). If you are going to try to spin, at least include a modicum of truth. Otherwise you just look like the shinner idiot that you are. Hopefully I won’t receive a death treat for this post.

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