Four Courts

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith tweetz:

Just out of Four Courts – trying to get Dáil to debate our motion on Government misuse of money messages and unblock democratic process – climate and housing crisis measures blocked by this trickery; back at 2.30pm today.



Opposition TDs seek injunction over decision to disallow new bill due to be debated in Dáil (Daniel McConnell, The Irish Examiner)

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13 thoughts on “On The Money

  1. GiggidyGoo

    FG not up for acting legally (DPC and probably this) so these matters end up in court. Boys trying to act like adults, running this farce of a republic.

  2. Cian

    The government misuse of money messages is wrong. They need to stop doing this and allow the TDs do their job properly.

    1. Joe Small

      You should also look at the quality of the legislation coming from TDs. The drafting is poor, contradicts existing legislation and, in some cases, is unconstitutional. There’s a very good reason that existing legislation is drafted by the OPC in the Attorney-General’s Office.

      1. :-Joe

        If you listen back to Boyd-Barrett on newstalk/pat kenny yesterday morning he answers this argument as best as anyone can under the circumstances….

        Your points and the full truth of what’s really going on(which is even worse and muddy at best) are not mutually exclusive from one another.


  3. bisted

    …Charlie ‘friend of israel’ Flanagan will do all in his power to stop the import of goods from occupied Palestine initiative…a lot of other bills stopped by the money message are merely cover for his righteousness…

  4. :-Joe

    Go on Brid Smith.. keep up the good work.

    Another fine example of a relatively new and inexperienced independent local candidate elected to the dail and although not elected into the heart of the corrupt binary-choice, one or the other and F.U, all, F-f/g power and control system, she still manages to repeatedly speak truth to power and strike blows that help to hold that murder of shyte-hawks accountable.

    Vote independent or anything else but F-f/g and stop trying to win a rigged two horse race that only benefits the same backers.
    You could just play pretend again, that it’s better to vote for a party who can win, the candidates are new, different and better than before, it’ll be fine this time around…

    So, you do as you always do and remain the sole cause of your own and everyone else’s problems around you.

    Congratulations, you are a chlorinated turkey-brain voting every year for early thanksgiving at every chance possible.


    1. Lurch

      Well said Joe.

      Brid is doing an icredible job fighting this disgraceful ploy by FG.
      The use of money messages in this way makes a mockery of our so called democracy.

      Any semblance of integrity that FG ever had must be long gone by now.

  5. Christopher

    Undemocratic? Well they got a damn sight more votes in the last general election so I think that gives them the democratic right to block pointless debate on bills like the ones proposed here that have ZERO change of ever becoming law.

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