Meanwhile, In Derbyshire


Kevin Lunney, Chief Operating Officer of Quinn Industrial Holdings (QIH)

RTÉ reports:

The main suspect in the investigation into the abduction of Kevin Lunney has died, RTÉ News has learned.

The man, who was in his 50s, took ill when Derbyshire police searched his home in the UK this morning.

Gardaí and the PSNI believe he was the main organiser behind the kidnapping and extremely violent attack on the Quinn Industrial Holdings executive.

The man has been a target of the police on both sides of the border for years and has more than 50 previous convictions.

Main suspect in Lunney investigation dies during raid (RTÉ)

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24 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Derbyshire

      1. A Person

        You did… how are you going to try and spin this one. Are you just a total eegit or what? Have you done too much truck driving and are just tired?

        “Man On Fire
        November 7, 2019 at 5:55 pm
        No it’s not, in your case it’s called being biased.

        An educated reply to the QIH situation would be that the individuals who the psni are seeking and who have already charged are British professed UDA/DUP supporters, not shinners.”

        1. Man On Fire

          Brilliant, totally taken out of context.

          You attempted to shoehorn republicans into the people smuggling ring when all the individuals being sought by the PSNI are UDA/DUP supporters.

          You claim its the same people involved in QIH situation, if that were the case they’d be UDA thugs.

          But don’t let such inconvenient facts get in the way of your bias.

        1. Man On Fire

          Indeed he is.

          His bias is overwhelming his frontal lobe interfering with his critical thinking.

    1. Rob_G

      I’m not sure if I should be the one to tell you this, but if you have any pee-pee in your bladder at the moment of death, it’s very likely that you will pee your pants, too.

      And indeed, void your bowels…

        1. Man On Fire

          He’s conveniently dead, so we’ll never know.

          You’ll still jump to conclusions though, whether you know if “Dublin Jimmy” (lol), was a British agent or not hence living scot free in Britain and most likely on benefits.

  1. Friscondo

    Starkly puts in perspective how a goon nicknamed “Dublin Jimmy” could have acted with impunity, and treated the state with such contempt for so long. There was effectively no rule of law for years, in both jurisdictions, because of these jumped up gangsters.

  2. Hector Ramirez

    I wonder how worried the perpetrators are… more interestingly, how worried is the paymaster?

  3. Ron

    Absolutely appalling what they did to Kevin Lunney. I listened to an interview on Newstalk during the week where they were asked why they don’t just walk away from the job. Waffle filled response ensued without addressing the real reasons. They are completely unemployable from a competency point of view. These are all the same ‘executives’ that were Sean Quinn’s management team during the good days of Quinn Direct Insurance and they all presided over a company where bullying and harassment was rife.. They walked around with impunity until the house of cards collapsed due to Sean Quinn greed and their incapability to call a halt to what was happening. Incompetence at it’s best with that management team.

    That said, I hope they catch who did this

    1. A Person

      Good man Ron, are you man on fire? They employ 800 people, 2000 indirectly. The management team have been violently targeted by you shinner violent a wholes. But no, lets not let that get in the way of spin.

      1. Man On Fire

        But you’re claiming that the people smuggling ring are the same violent thugs extorting QIH. The people smugglers are UDA/DUP heads.

        Were you wrong before?

        Or just thick?

        1. A Person

          That’s it, that is your spin. Utterly pathetic. I hope you are not an official party member with such embarrassing nonsense. Dublin Jimmy was a well know shinner. The truckers from Monaghan who the UK police cannot locate are not UDA. The shinners are behind both the Quinn tortures and the people smugglers. The dogs in the street know that. But continue your immature support of these criminal thugs, post lies on social media, nobody believes you.

    2. Lilly

      ‘they all presided over a company where bullying and harassment was rife..’

      There’s a lot of it about. That’s corporate life for you.

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