Minister for Social protection Regina Dopherty and her media advisor Alex Connolly

This morning.


Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty was able to land a pay deal for her spin doctor that breaches the Government’s own cap on salaries for special advisers.

Ms Doherty’s media adviser Alex Connolly was appointed last October on a salary of €107,109 – which is €6,000 more than the salary restriction that is in place for Cabinet ministers’ special advisers…

…Mr Connolly earns over €20,000 more than the average salary of press and media advisers for other ministers – which stands at around €86,000….


Mr Connolly has been replaced at Fáilte Ireland by Suzanne Coogan, who advised Denis Naughten when he was communications minister…

Good times.

Minister won pay deal for spin doctor €6,000 above salary cap Hugh O’Connell,

Pics: Rollingnews, Alex Connolly

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13 thoughts on “Spin On This

  1. Dr.Fart

    “the part of law and order” .. i’ve noticed they haven’t used that tagline for a while. Even they must know it to be hypocritical. This woman has a flagrant disregard for rules and regulations, tax dodging, fighting the data protections commission, now this .. i’d say there’s more, she’s one Fine Gaeler who really takes advantage of a system that doesn’t hold gov. officials responsible or accountable to anything. Wreckless little wench.

  2. paul

    like many people in Government who have failed in other parts of their professional lives, the rules don’t apply to her.

  3. V

    You know, in fairness
    For someone with no talent, credentials or substance
    She had done well for herself

    The girl can blaggard her way out of anything
    And does it on fumes

    The girl is a Senior Government Minister ffs

    I really need to reassess my career choices

  4. Ron

    aided and abetted by the thick Irish paddy voters. There the ones that make all these lotto salaries possible. Why would they give it up when the paymaster is as daw jawed as the Irish electorate?

  5. GiggidyGoo

    That’s our money by the way.
    Has she repaid the overpayment of the allowance that Varadkar donated to her that wasn’t due?

  6. GiggidyGoo

    That’s our money by the way.
    Has she repaid the overpayment of the allowance that Varadkar donated to her that wasn’t due?
    All apart from the illegal loan she took from her failing company of course.

    Well, she’s on the way out next election. McEntee’s votes won’t transfer too well after Doherty’s treatment of her in the hall of Government buildings. And good enough for her.

  7. GiggidyGoo

    I see election posters up in Wexford for Verona Murphy already. She will eat into ‘The Cuckoo’ Kehoe’s votes, and he only scraped in last time by the skin of his teeth. Hopefully neither of them get in.

    1. Otis Blue

      For someone generally keen to comment on all and sundry, she’s been remarkably mute on the travails within the haulage industry.

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